"7 Hours"

Tracy goes to see Luke at the PCPD and tells him that she wants him to let the police handle the hostage situation. Luke says that he's finally ready to act all paternal and she won't post his bail. She agrees to bail him out, but first he has to go to the hospital and pick Skye's brain about what she knows.

Inside the Metro Court lobby:

Sam whispers to Father Mateo that if he uses the knife against Mr. Craig and his goons, he can finally make amends for what his brother Manny did. Craig notices something between them and asks what's going on. Sam covers by saying that she can't bear to sit next to Mateo because his identical twin kidnapped her and tried to rape her. Craig thinks it's interesting that one twin can be so completely from the other. As Craig starts to pet Sam's hair, Emily interrupts and asks if she can go over and check on Robin. He agrees to let her switch places with "restless" Lulu. As he continues to pet Sam's hair, he tells her that she can benefit from Father Mateo's wisdom; he won't grant her request to switch seats. As he walks away, he kicks Mateo and tells him not to waste any prayers on him. Sam whispers," No one's ever saved themselves by giving into fear. You survive by fighting back."

Down the hall in an office, Sonny tells Carly that there's not a day in his life that he doesnt love and miss her. She reaches out for his hands and tells him that she loves him too. She says that he's a part of her and always will be. She gives him a loving kiss. Mid-kiss, she comes to her senses and says she has to marry Jax because she can't be with him. As Sonny starts to explain that things would be different this time, Carly says they need to figure out a way to save their lives before they talk about their relationship. Before long Craig comes in and asks, "Am I interrupting?" (Sonny pretends he's still cuffed.) He asks how soon Sonny can arrange his escape? Sonny tells Mr. Craig that all he has to do is make one phone call and the plan can be set in motion. Mr. Craig dials the phone for him and holds the phone up to his mouth.

Robin has woken up and is in a lot of pain. Liz and Emily tell her about the surgery and how Patrick talked them through it via phone. Then they tell her that Carly is the one who did the stitches and Robin manages a tiny, white-lipped smile that doesn't last long. She shrieks in pain and the goons order her friends to shut her up! They won't let Lulu go to the gift shop for anything that might help, but she is finally able to convince them to let her pour some booze down Robin's throat. After a while, Robin says that she's lost all feelingso either the alcohol is working or her body is shutting down. She tells them not to blame themselves if she dies. She wants to know who is going to take care of Patrick when she's gone? She calmly says, "He deserves a good woman. Patrick has a lot of walls and you'll have to work to break through that I think about it, the next woman will probably suffer a lot at first. (She weakly grins) Maybe I should choose Carly." Liz and Emily calmly tell her to just choose life. Robin says okay.

Outside Patrick is giving Ric a hard time for not doing anything proactive to save the hostages. Ric insists that there are over a dozen hostages inside-- in addition to Robin -- and they can't make a move until Craig does. Pete shows up to support Patrick and he's really concerned about Robin. Patrick tells his old friend that he loves her so much that it will destroy him if anything happens to her just like his mother's death destroyed his father. It took for someone like Robin to finally let his guard down for the first time in his life. Mac joins them and says they'll find a way to keep Robin with them for a long time.

Over at Jason's, Spinelli gets out some of is video game headphones and adjusts them so they are ready for "real world covert action." Mike comes over and says he can get them into the lobby. Apparently, his bookie likes to do business in a little exterior alleyway in the back that no one knows about. Just as Jason and Spinelli are ready to leave; Ric shows up in anticipation that Jason is going to try a hero's rescue attempt. He cockily informs Jason to go ahead with his plan. He says, "With any luck you'll get shot and create a diversion so we can go in." Just then Jason's phone rings -- it's Sonny. He tells Jason to have the speed boats waiting at Pier 17 and tell the guards to ignore any extra activity. Then, he asks Jason to tell the boys that he and Carly love them. The call ends and Jason makes the arrangements. Then, he tells Spinelli that it's time to go -- even though Spinelli thinks the DA set them up.

At the Metro Court, after Craig tears the phone away from Sonny's mouth, Sonny tells Craig he has to get to the waterfront on his own. Craig says that he doesn't need to get anywhere because the waterfront is just a decoy so that he can leave the way he originally planned and then walks out. Soon, a goon comes back in to take Carly for a walk. As she starts to leave with him she pretends to fall and Sonny is able to knock the goon out and take his gun.

Luke finds Skye at the hospital. She is thrilled to see an old friend and Luke says, "So friend, what do you know about the guy who is holding my daughter hostage?" Skye tells Luke everything she knows about the shipmen, the briefcase, the shooting war between Sonny and Lorenzo, Mr. Craig being the middle man who represents the buyer. She explains that she didn't know that Craig would double cross Lorenzo and try to steal the briefcase. Or that the vault would lock. She tells Luke that the briefcase is an "equinox" and that it can self destruct if you try the wrong code and that Lorenzo can't remember anything. As she's lamenting about the father of her child, Luke takes off behind her back.

Inside the Metro Court, Nikolas is taken to sit with Alan. Before Craig dumps him there, he suggests that perhaps Nikolas tell Alan what he does with his daughter behind closed doors. Nikolas covers Alan with a blanket and Alan tells him to treat Emily with the respect that she deserves. He tells him that Emily has jumped back into their relationship with both feet and Nik hasn't responded with any kind of commitment. Then, Alan says he can't breatheand stops talking. Nik pounds on the door for help. They bring Emily in to see Alan. She learns that his pulse is all over the place and he needs a defibrillator. Nikolas appeals to the goon to get him one; but he says that will be just one less person to watch.

Outside, the swat team has spotted movement off the south side service entrance. Ric knows that it's Jason and Spinelli so the orders the cops to stand down and wait. Behind the building, Spinelli feels somewhat confident that he has disabled the alarm and Jason is ready to try the door.

Luke finds Lucky on the front line and tells him what he learned from Skye. Then he gives him one last chance to go in with him. "Are you going with me or are you going to stand here and watch?"

In the lobby, Liz feels an abdomen cramp and tells Lulu that she hopes it's only dehydration. Lulu, then Sam, start to argue with the goons that they should give her some water or else they all have to worry about a preemie baby being born. Craig comes back and asks how a drink of water can keep labor from coming? "Dehydration causes crampscramps cause labor," Liz winces. Sam speaks up and says she will personally thank the cop who blows Craig's brains out. Craig reacts by telling her that she's not too bright. Just then, Liz moans from another cramp, and Sam is able to pull the knife on Craig and stick it to his neck.

Lucky agrees to go in with Luke.

Sonny makes his way into the hallway with his gun.
Ric orders his cops to let Jason and Spinelli go in.

Craig says the lobby will blow if Sam cuts him.