Luke boards the Star and finds Ethan with Laura's portrait. Ethan explains about his Wyndemere visit and Luke recalls his past with his ex-wife. They talk about Lucky and Luke says his son grew up envisioning a perfect relationship in his head, but he was later disillusioned. Luke thinks it would be better to disappear again, but Ethan thinks he should stay because it wouldn’t be right for Lulu to lose two brothers and a father in one year. Luke questions this and Ethan fills him in on Lucky leaving for Ireland and Liz's reaction to it. Luke wants Ethan to take the portrait back to Wyndemere and to seal it up with all the other ghosts. He thinks if not careful, Wyndemere can suck the life out of you, leaving you a hollow shell.

After Lisa stabs Johnny at his place with the syringe, he can't feel his legs and notes it's spreading. She tells him she is giving him what she gave herself: Time. She talks about Patrick, as Johnny pleads with her not to do anything. Lisa doesn’t want to be saved and knows there's no redemption for her. She wants to make Robin a memory for Patrick for as long as he lives. Johnny begs her not to do this, but Lisa leaves.

Maxie fishes Anthony out of the water from the pier, but panics when she realizes who he is. After she calms down, Maxie tries calling Johnny, but he can't get to his phone. Anthony thanks Maxie for helping him and says he always returns a favor. Nervous, Maxie says, "Good to know," and leaves. Anthony stands up with the piece of wood Lisa attacked him with and says, "That bitch hasn't seen the last of me."

Robin, Patrick Matt, Liz, Olivia and Steve board the boat for Matt's party. Patrick and Robin discuss Matt's surprise, while Liz assumes Matt hopes Maxie will still come. They all convene at the bar where they drink champagne and toast to Matt's achievement. Robin gives Matt a present, which is a book of Noah's research from the 70s. Matt then gets a call from his father. Matt is speechless, but relays that Noah told him he was proud of him. Patrick tells his brother he is too. Armed with another syringe, Lisa hides onboard, as the group heads back to the deck. Steve approaches Robin about her anger over him hiring the new doctor. She asks about the woman, wondering if there's any personal bias. Steve promises he is being objective. Patrick interrupts them, as does the rest of the group. They declare there's no talking about work, just Matt's accomplishment. Olivia tries to distract Steve by presenting him with his guitar she smuggled onboard. Steve is embarrassed, but everyone encourages him to play something. Steve relents and sings a tune he's been working on. Afterwards, they head back inside to eat, but Steve hangs back, ignoring a text from Margaret, the new pediatrician. Steve walks inside, as Patrick and Robin enjoy the fresh air. Patrick tells his wife they need to enjoy more fun activities as a family. Patrick leaves Robin alone as he goes inside to get more food. Lisa eyes Robin from around the corner.

Maxie runs to another pier and just misses the boat. Spinelli shows up after packing a romantic picnic for the two of them. He offers to shuttle Maxie out to the party boat on a dinghy. She needs to stop Liz from getting her hooks into Matt and get inspiration for her article, so she really appreciates his help. However, she wonders if he's going the wrong way.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Spinelli sees a light at Wyndemere.

Carly and Jason have words.

Lisa lurks.

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