After stabbing Anthony with a piece of wood and kicking him into the water off the pier, Lisa heads over to Johnny's place. As he comes home, Lisa walks down the stairs in nothing but her bra and panties. She tells a shocked Johnny that Anthony resurrected her. Johnny wonders what Anthony's plan is now. He tells her not to let anyone use her or rob her of what she used to be. She thinks he wants to save her like Claudia and he admits it. She wonders why? So he can save himself? Lisa kisses him. Johnny suggests they put her somewhere safe where Anthony can't find her. She hugs him sticks him with a syringe saying she doesn’t want to be saved.

Elizabeth stops by Lucky's but finds Ethan there instead. They debate Lucky and Siobhan's relationship and Ethan tells her Lucky left to get away form her. He tells her how destructive they are together, but Liz defends her relationship with Lucky. She thinks they belong together. Ethan tells her to stop clinging to her teenage fantasy and to let go for herself, her kids and Lucky. Liz sees Laura's portrait, assuming Lucky brought it there. Ethan corrects her, leading her to assume he's trying to be like Luke and egg Helena on. They return to the topic of Lucky and Ethan tells her she's just an addiction for Lucky so she needs to let him go. Liz says maybe it's time she started living down to expectations and leaves.

Before leaving for the party, Robin finds Steve at the hospital to talk about hiring a new pediatrician. Steve tells her he's already taken care of it. Robin is annoyed he went over her head, but he explains they would have lost her if he hadn't acted on it. He sings the praises of the woman he worked with in Memphis, but Robin still isn't happy. Meanwhile, Maxie runs into Matt and while not interested in hearing about his research, tells him she wants to go to the party with him now. She also tells him about Crimson's new layout and how she wants to feature them as a couple. Matt is offended, accusing her of wanting to benefit off his success. He doesn't want her to attend the party if she can't make tonight about him and them as a couple. Olivia finds Spinelli staring at Maxie and Matt across the way. She encourages him to discover the new him, now that he can't use his computer skills, and find a way to fight for Maxie. After Maxie tries, but fails, to get back on Matt's good side, she leaves for work. Liz shows up and asks Matt if they are on for tonight. Maxie returns to see Liz and Matt walk off together. She traps Epiphany to question her about the party. When she won't give up the info, Spinelli intervenes and tells Maxie the wrong information.

Maxie heads to the pier Spinelli told her the party was at. Someone grabs her ankle from out of the water.

Abby visits Michael at the warehouse. She expresses her concern about him working for Sonny and getting involved in the shady side of his business. Michael insists he doesn't want that anymore and is happy working at the coffeehouse. Abby gets turned on by him embracing his new role and they make out.

Sam is incensed upon finding Carly and Shawn on her and Jason's Hawaiian doorstep. Carly explains about Franco and Jason and Shawn head off to search the area. As Sam and Carly snipe at each other in the love shack, Shawn and Jason ponder Carly's motives. Jason and Shawn return and Carly says they're leaving, but Shawn declares they're staying. Annoyed, Sam wants to call for an extra bungalow, but Jason suggests they stay with them.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lisa joins Matt's party.

Luke and Ethan discuss the past.

Lulu is overwhelmed.

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