Johnny and Anthony meet up on the street after Anthony learns Lisa is awake. Anthony takes his son to task for botching the drug plant at the warehouse. Anthony then leaves to see a lady. He thinks Johnny should meet her because she's his type. Ronnie comes upon Johnny, who makes a call to check on Dante. Ronnie assures him Dante is fine and will come after whoever shot him guns blazing.

Patrick and Robin talk about her birthday at the hospital hub. Robin points out it's nice to retain some normalcy. Patrick thinks it's too good to be true, but promises to make this the best birthday ever. After she walks away, Patrick thinks he sees Lisa by the elevator. Matt walks up as Patrick grabs the woman, who is not Lisa. The woman walks off in a huff and Matt tells Patrick he needs to take it easy. Patrick doesn’t have a good feeling about Lisa. Robin returns assuming they're talking about her birthday. Matt plays along. Robin walks away and Patrick thanks Matt for covering in front of Robin. He then offers Matt a case so he can test his trial. Matt assumes Patrick just wants to hand him off so the man doesn’t die on his watch. They bicker and the brothers disperse. Later, Robin congratulates Matt on his published research, but Matt is offended that an anonymous editor recognized his brilliance before anyone close to him did.

Patrick looks in on Lisa in her hospital room. He is relieved to see her incapacitated so she can't be a threat to his family. He regrets ever getting involved with her. He says karma is a bitch and he will never look at her face again. He leaves as Lisa opens her eyes. Anthony is next to visit Lisa. He tells her they have some catching up to do. She remains silent. He asks, "What's the matter? Catatonia got your tongue?" He knows she will need some time to get used to her new reality, but she shouldn't take too long because they have people to put in their place. He leaves and Lisa rips up her blankets.

Patrick returns to the hub and tells Matt he saw Lisa, who is where she should be. He then brings up the patient, but Matt walks away. Robin approaches her husband and suggests they do something for Matt. Patrick has an idea, but he wants to concentrate on her birthday first.

Sonny finds Michael moving the bags of drugs in the warehouse panic room. He wants his son to stay away from it. Michael pleads his case, but Sonny won't put his son in danger. Kate shows up and then gets a call from Maxie about work. She has to leave but promises not to speak of what she's seen. Sonny promises the drugs were a set up. Kate believes him. Once she's gone, Sonny and Michael put the drugs back in the wall, as Kate returns to tell them the cops are there. Michael steps out to talk to them and Sonny urges Kate to take off. She walks out and Sonny locks himself in the panic room. Kate makes a call, as Michael talks to Ronnie, who says they have probable cause to look around. Kate tells Ronnie if he doesn’t have a warrant he needs to leave. Ronnie reminds her this isn't her property, but she tells him she has rented the space for a photo shoot. Ronnie isn't buying it, but then a group of models and photographers suddenly appear. Meanwhile, Sonny starts to panic being trapped in the small space and recalls Deke's abuse. After Ronnie has left, Kate opens the panic room and sits with Sonny.

Carly follows Shawn to Kelly's. Shawn thinks she should go to Sonny for protection while he's in Hawaii. She doesn’t like that plan and suggests she go to Hawaii with him. They debate it and Carly pretends to agree to stay put, but she later meets Shawn at the airport.

In Hawaii, Franco's camera keeps tabs on Jason and Sam, as they look over the shells Sam found. She discovers one of them symbolizes fertility. They talk about having kids, but Sam can see the sadness in his eyes over Jake. Jason doesn't think it honors his son to close himself off from her or happiness. She asks if he still wants a child. He thinks it's too much to ask from God. Sam says it melts her heart thinking about having a baby with him, but they should just stay in the moment. However, she's not opposed to practicing and leads him to the bedroom.

Tomorrow's Port Charles General Hospital:

Patrick surprises Robin.

Bad luck follows Maxie.

Lucky doesn’t respond well to Liz's invitation.

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