"8 Hours"

Dr. Ford comes into Lorenzo's room and stops Alexis from berating his patient. Skye comes in right behind him and kicks them both out. Through it all, Lorenzo mumbles that he doesn't know anything about a briefcase. He has heard them arguing about Skye's father being one of the hostages, and when he's alone with her, he asks her why she's not mad at him for having a part in it even if he can't remember.

Outside of Lorenzo's room, Alexis informs Dr. Ford that she is the DA, even though she's on leave of absence. Before she can get too threatening, Alexis nearly collapses. Dr. Ford arranges for an IV in spite of her weakened attempts at protest. She wants to go to the Metro Court to be near Sam and Nikolas, but since Dr. Ford has checked her charts and learned that she has a history of secondary infections, he prevails. She is to spend the night on an IV drip.

Jason is formulating a plan from his home front. He tells Spinelli that he's going into the Metro Court when the locks reset. Spinelli tells him that he'll need logistical support since the cops are all over that building. He volunteers to go in with him and give Jason information through a headset. Jason looks at him as if he doesn't realize the enormity of what he would be getting himself into. Spinelli responds by saying that he and Sam have been really good to him. Jason says he doesn't care if he dies along with the hostages because they represent everyone who matters to him, but why should Spinelli put himself in danger?

Inside, Lulu gets thrown into another room and left there. She cries in the dark for a while and then finds the light switch. She's shocked to see that Sonny has been deposited in the room as well, only he's been badly beaten and is cuffed. He explains that they didn't want him to lead a revolt, so they immobilized him. He goes on to advise Lulu to stop calling attention to herself and to lay low. He tells her not to show her fear and her father would be proud of her. Then, he asks about Carly. Lulu fills him in on the surgery that Carly is being forced to perform on Robin. Sonny says that Carly is at her best when her back is against the wallshe'll save Robin.

In the lobby, Carly is listening to instructions from Patrick over the phone and relaying them to Emily. Patrick says to clamp off the artery that's bleeding. Liz stands up to help and Craig asks her what kind of mother she is to risk her unborn baby's life just to save Robin. He says it's more entertaining to watch Emily and Carly try by themselves. Nikolas, Max and Father Mateo stand up to protest and finally Craig allows Liz to help stop Robin's bleeding "for a price to be named later." Liz is able to clamp off the artery and finally, Emily is able to see the main bleed and repair it. Craig throws the phone down and tells Carly that she has to close Robin on her own. Carly panics at first and then snarls, "You don't think I can do this? Watch me." She finishes up and Craig makes Liz and Sam work together to duct tape Robin's stomach.

Carly is dragged down the hall to get her "reward." He throws her into the room to see her "hubby". Then he pulls Lulu out to give them some privacy. Once alone, Carly freaks out when she sees that Sonny is in handcuffs on top of being beaten. He tells her that he's proud of her for trying to save Robin. She nearly gags as she tells him it was just her and a needle & thread sewing human flesh. He tells her to find a paper clip so that she can work on his handcuffs. After she does, she's frantically picking away at his cuffs and angry at Jason for never teaching her how to pick a lock. Then, she finally gets it! He tells her that the goons should've never underestimated her (and gives Carly one of the steamiest looks he's ever given her.) Then he tells her what's going to happen they are going to lay low in that room and wait until Craig comes back for them. He wants her to run when he tells her to. Carly insists that she won't go without him. Then he goes into confession modehe tells her that he should've never tricked her into marrying him. He tells her that she's free to do whatever she wants to do with her life "I wanted you to love me and I should've told you. You're my whole life. My wife, my partner, the mother of my children. I love you and I always will."

Outside the Metro Court Ric interrogates Patrick about what else he heard on the phone. Patrick insists that he was only focused on Robin and couldn't tell if anyone else might have been hurt. Skye shows up and yells at Patrick that he'd better have a lot of malpractice insurance for leaving Lorenzo before he was finished. She said that the surgery should've lasted 4 hours, but he did it in 45 minutes. She tells him how disoriented Lorenzo was when Alexis stormed in and grilled him. Ric demands to know more about Alexis. When Skye tells reports Alexis collapsed, Ric takes off. Mac gets a minute alone with Patrick and thanks him for putting Robin first and doing everything that he did to save her. Patrick wipes a tear from his eye and tells Robin's uncle that he can't even imagine a life without Robin in it.

Things are getting emotional at Jason's penthouse, too. Spinelli is on the computer looking at a blueprint of the Metro Court. He tells Jason that all of the security cameras have been blacked out, so he isn't able to see if the hostages are all in one room or spread out. Jason will be flying blind once he gets inside. Spinelli starts to worry about Lulu because she gets very mouthy when she's scared. Jason adds that's how Sam and Carly are too. Spinelli's eyes get wide with fear for everyone. Jason gets back to business and starts talking through possible scenarios once he gets inside. Spinelli asks who he'll rescue first. You can tell that Jason thinks it's a stupid question, but when Spinelli explains that Sam, Elizabeth, Sony, Carly, his sister Lulu and even his dad are in there, Jason gets it. "Lulu is pretty far down the list of rescuees," Spinelli states. Then, he puts on his coat and says he's going in with him. When Jason explains that he's risking his life, Spinelli says that Lulu would do the same for himhe hopes.

Ric goes to the hospital to see Alexis. She tells him that she's not going to give him any more leverage to use against her in the custody hearing, so she won't hear of filing for a continuance. Ric argues that he simply wants her to save her strength for getting well. Dr. Ford comes in and throws Ric out; and Alexis gives her new doctor the tiniest of smirks. While he's there, he informs her that she'll get to go home tomorrow. He understands how hard the nausea from chemo can be and if he could prescribe the one thing he knows that works, he would. He explains that his wife had ovarian cancer and that when she smoked pot, it helped. Alexis brightens up and asks how she's doing now, but then saddens when she learns that his wife died six months ago.

Skye has come back to Lorenzo's bedside. He's sleeping but she's talking to him anyway. She's worried about the hostages and crying over Alan, Emily and Lulu. But she shores herself up and realizes that she has a new family now Lorenzo and Lila.

Time ticks on inside the Metro Court lobby:

Lulu and Elizabeth are at Robin's side. Her pulse is steady but she needs a transfusion. Lulu is concerned about Liz and wishes that she could rest a little for the sake of the baby. Instead, Liz and Sam start to clean up the mess from the surgery. As they bundle up the bloody blankets and stuff, Liz's eyes fall upon the paring knife that they used. She motions with her eyes so that Sam notices it too. Sam responds by tucking the knife into her sleeve as she wads up the rest of the stuff.

Craig decides to play musical hostages again. He makes Max stand by the entrance and then remarks that Max makes an excellent target. Then, he moves Sam to sit next to Father Mateo and tells the Father that he should be praying for more than just their patient Robin. Mr. Craig moves on and Sam starts talking to Father Mateo. She admits that when she first learned that she can't bear children, she hated Liz for being pregnant. Father Mateo tells her she's only human. Sam says that she's scared, but it has to be a thousand times worse for Liz. Then a very serious look comes over her face as she asks him if he knows how to use a knife to kill. "I used to," he replies. She says "What about now?" and then slides the knife over to him.

Over where Robin is lying, her pulse is steady, and she's starting to stir. She's able to mumble Patrick's name before the pain sets in. She pulls herself up and then shrieks out in pain.

Luke orders Tracy to pay his bail so he can go to Lulu.
Carly asks Sonny why he seems to be saying goodbye?
Mr. Craig tells the hostages to shut Robin up!