Upon getting Franco's gift for Josslyn, Carly hightails it over to Shawn's. She panics that Franco is after Jason in Hawaii. Carly says she tried calling both Jason and Sam, but neither one picked up. Shawn offers that maybe they didn't want their honeymoon to be all about her. Carly retorts she hopes Franco doesn't make it all about him. Shawn doesn’t think they should overreact thereby playing into Franco's hands. Shawn leaves a message for Jason and then notices the package was sent from Hawaii, so Franco could already be there. Shawn packs a bag but Carly tells him he can't leave.

In Hawaii, Sam finds Jason lying on the couch and panics thinking he's dead. He's just napping and she notes she's never seen him so off guard before. She then convinces him to put on a Hawaiian shirt. He hates it and tells her he won't wear it in public. After some negotiating, he suggests they go diving the next day and they get frisky on the couch.

Elsewhere, presumably in Hawaii, Franco paints and strategically places a doll in a grass skirt on his canvas.

At the hospital hub, Steve tells someone in Memphis about a job over the phone. Olivia finds him and entices him away from work with the promise of sex. She gives him a key card for a room at the Metro Court and slinks away.

Olivia greets Steve at the hotel room in a sexy tuxedo outfit with fishnet stockings and knee-high boots. There's also a stripper pole in the room. She starts to perform for him, but falls off the pole. Steve laughs and then ices her back. Once Olivia assures him she's fine, they start to kiss and fall back on the bed.

Lucky is less than welcoming upon seeing his father on his doorstep. Luke just wants to get past the ugliness. Lucky already has. Lucky wants him to leave, but Luke says there are things they have to talk about. Lucky recalls that Luke resigned from fatherhood. Lucky says, "Guess what? I accept your resignation." Luke is sorry for the way he talked to him last time. He thought he was doing him a favor. He offers his condolences for Siobhan and tells his son he did a lot of soul searching. He needs a fresh start and hands him an AA pamphlet. He vows he hasn't had a drink in over a month. He wants things to change and will do whatever is necessary. He asks him to take a look at the AA schedule. Lucky isn't receptive and then tells his father Lulu doesn’t need him dropping out of the sky. Luke thinks it should be her decision. Lucky urges Luke to leave and to not look back. Luke won't budge, so Lucky throws Luke's declaration that killing Jake was liberating in his face. Luke tries to defend himself, but Lucky can't get over that. Lucky has nothing to give him. Luke wants them to get through this together and leaves the AA schedule with Lucky before leaving.

Kate finds Sonny sleeping in a chair in Dante's hospital room. She pulls his jacket off his lap and startled, Sonny reacts by pulling his gun on her. After Kate composes herself, they talk about Dante and how Sonny was thinking about what could have been had he known about his son from the beginning. Kate asks him for coffee and they head out. Dante opens his eyes. After grabbing the hospital's god-awful coffee, Sonny and Kate talk about his kids and he thanks her for helping to smooth things over for him. Lulu approaches Dante's door and Kate offers her her job back. Lulu says she's got a lot going on right now. Sonny tries to talk to Lulu, but she is cold towards him because of how he has affected Dante. Kate tries to defend Sonny, but Lulu won't have it. Lulu sits with Dante, who wonders if it felt good for her to get that off her chest. She says she won't let Sonny take advantage of him. Luke approaches the doorway as Lulu tells Dante he helped her let go of her father and now it's his turn. Dante doesn't know how to do that. Lulu leaves him to get some sleep. Meanwhile, Sonny asks Kate to go with him to talk some sense into Michael. She doesn’t know why he thinks Michael will listen to her but she agrees.

In another part of the hospital, Luke waits for Lucky at the AA meeting. Lucky approaches, but walks away as Luke sees him.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Franco watches Jason and Sam.

Sonny ends up in Kate's arms.

Patrick is horrified thinking he sees Lisa.

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