In Hawaii, Sam and Jason beat a storm back to their room. To pass the time, Sam turns on the Wii and virtually surfs, as Jason watches and laughs. She falls on him and they kiss, as someone lurks outside. It stops raining and they go for a walk on the beach. Although we don't see his face, Franco walks into their place and plants one of his cameras on the shelf. Jason and Sam return and Jason senses something is off. He pulls out the dominoes though and challenges her to a game. They have fun and get flirty as Franco watches them from his laptop.

Michael bursts into Carly's house demanding to know what's up with her and Shawn. She tells him he doesn't get to talk to her the way his father would. However, she makes it clear nothing happened between her and Shawn in the panic room. Shawn comes to the door and Michael wants to know what's going on. Shawn just tells him he should stay away from the warehouse for a while. Michael remains rude as Carly tries to make him show some respect. Carly and Shawn tell him it's for his protection, but they won't explain why. Michael leaves to find out for himself. He stops at the front door and listens as Carly and Shawn talk about the drugs in the panic room. Michael sneaks out as Shawn tells Carly he'll stick around until Jason returns and then he's moving on. After some debate, Shawn leaves. The doorbell rings and Carly finds a package on her doorstep. It's a gift for Josslyn from Franco.

After noticing Lulu isn't wearing her ring in his hospital room, Dante wonders if he did something to screw things up. Lulu reminds him they agreed to keep their engagement quiet. She agrees to keep it on her though so they both know what's real. They talk about his shooting and debate Lucky's culpability. Dante wants to recreate the scene Lulu set up for them for the proposal. He asks how long she has the dress for. She looks sad as she tells him there's blood on it. Ronnie shows up and Lulu leaves. Ronnie tells Dante they're going to nail who shot him along with anyone dumb enough to get in their way. Lulu returns to find Dante sleeping.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan wonders what his father is doing back in Port Charles. Luke reminds him he lives there where his family is. Ethan reminds him he made it clear he wanted nothing to do with them. Luke thought it was the other way around. Luke explains he had plenty of time to reflect and he's done wallowing. He came back to fix things. He gives Ethan a bag containing diamonds – The Devil's Pupils. Luke is impressed when Ethan realizes they are fake and tells him he's got a con going that he wants his help with. Ethan isn't interested. Luke wants to make things right, but Ethan retorts that time didn’t stand still while he was gone. They've all done some soul searching too and they don't need him. Ethan hands him the full bottle of scotch encouraging him not to refrain on his behalf. Luke assures him he quit. Ethan learns Luke has been keeping tabs on his kids and becomes furious he didn't do anything to help them. Luke says it wasn't the time to intervene. Ethan thinks nothing has changed. Luke is offended because he is as "dry as the Sahara." Luke vows he's sober today and he wants to be there for them. Ethan retorts they all need more than just today. Unless he is on the level, Ethan begs Luke not to go near Lulu and Lucky because they can't take another disappointment. Luke is touched Ethan is looking out for his siblings. Ethan thinks someone has to.

Lucky reads Siobhan's letter to him at home. She tells him he has a chance to love again, hold his children and have something beyond what he thought possible. She describes a church in Ireland and refers to a poem her grandmother, who had the sight, used to recite. She's offering him a gift. A chance to hear from someone he loves one last time. In the package, Siobhan also gives Lucky a lace, a rosary and something to help him get by the watchers. She tells him to dip the rosary in the well and the signs with come. She ends by saying, "Till then." As Lucky puts everything back in the envelope, Luke knocks on the door.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Steve and Olivia's romance turn to injury.

Lucky has an important conversation with Luke.

Michael is discovered in the panic room.

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