At the hospital, Lorenzo tells Jason that he must be mistaken; he doesn't know anything about a briefcase. Jason tries to jog his memory about the shipment. Lorenzo asks Skye if Jason works for him. Skye tells him that Jason is just trying to help for the sake of the hostages. Jason asks to speak to Skye in the hall. Before she leaves Lorenzo's side, she whispers that he's "very convincing". In the hall Skye tells Jason that the briefcase doesn't need to be reset until 2 p.m. tomorrow. Jason says that means it will still be intact when the vault opens. She begs him not to go to the police. She tells Jason that Lorenzo and she want to start a fresh life as soon as this shipment thing is over. Jason agrees not to say anythingfor now. Skye goes back into Lorenzo and realizes that he's not putting on an act. He's really forgotten everything about his line of work.

The Lobby of the Metro Court is a Pressure Cooker:

Freshly unmasked by Sam, Mr. Craig orders her to put on a matching black jumpsuit and mask that his goons have on. Nikolas speaks up that the cops will shoot her for sure if they see her in that. They hear Patrick's voice through the door. (Outside, he has busted through the line of cops to the door of the lobby.) He says he is an unarmed doctor who wants to come in and help the woman who's shot. Mr. Craig replies that it's tempting and very romantic, but perhaps he should just kill her now and get it over with. Carly jumps up and suggests that at least they should let Patrick tell them how to save her. Mr. Craig is intrigued by that and tells Carly that she can perform the surgery. Patrick yells that he can't talk someone through a surgery, especially if he hasn't seen the patient. Mr. Craig tells him to go back to command central and wait for his phone call. Also, he orders that the next time that someone comes to the door, Ms. Scorpio will get shot. Carly asks for Emily and Elizabeth to assist her, but Mr. Craig makes her pick one. She picks Emily.

But Emily is yelling for help locked inside another room with her father. A masked person opens the door and Emily tells him that her father is having a heart attack and she needs a defibrillator. The door gets slammed in her face. Emily rifles through a desk and finds an aspirin to give to Alan. He's trying to calm Emily as he chews it. He tells her that he just needs some rest. They talk about the day that Emily was adopted; both are crying. A goon comes in and tells her that she needs to assist in Robin's surgery. Alan tells her that she's trained for triage; she needs to go to Robin.

They deposit Emily in front of Robin/next to Carly and make Lulu go sit with Alan. Craig calls Patrick so he can "let the fun begin." Then, he puts Emily on the phone. She describes the wound to Patrick and he stutters a little as he gives Emily a list of supplies that she'll need. Carly is permitted to get a pen and some paper, but only because Mr. Craig is "feeling indulgent". Clean towels, sponges, paring knife, needle and threadthe list is long and very specific.

Lulu has been pushed into the room with Alan, the door slamming behind her. She tells him that she doesn't know how to help him. He asks how Robin is doing, and Lulu fills him in on the surgery that Patrick is talking Carly through. Alan says that if anyone can do it, Patrick can. Then he asks her to tell him stories to take his mind off of things. "Like, why do you think I killed Rick Weber and framed your mother," Alan says. Lulu asks him if he did. "You first," Alan says. Lulu explains that she's following her mother's last wishes. Then she says that they found Rick Webber's date book and it has two phone numbers written over and over on the last week of his life. One is Monica's cell phone. Alan says she's a good detective and that she's right -- he hated Rick Webber and when Monica started her affair with him again, he did want him dead. (He is choking back the pain as he speaks.) He says that he never had the chance to kill Rick. Rick broke things off with Monica and the next thing he knew, Rick was dead. Alan tells Lulu that he followed Monica to the Scorpio house that night. He saw Laura go up to the attic. He thinks that Laura might be innocent, because for a long time he thought that Monica killed him. Then after Lulu and Dillon starting digging around, they finally talked about it and realized that neither of them did it. He apologizes for any part he has played in Laura's condition and asks for Lulu's forgiveness. He says that his only explanation is that when you love someone as much as he loves Monica, you'd do anything to keep them out of trouble. He tells Lulu that he saw something that night that she should know about. He tells her that he wrote a letterbut then his chest pain gets worse and he can't speak. Lulu tells him to breath and "do NOT die."

In the lobby, Mr. Craig has a new game to play. He wants Nikolas to go on a scavenger hunt for the medical supplies. Two guards will come along, and if anyone makes a mistake, they'll be shot. He picks Sam to go with him and Mr. Craig tries to make Emily jealous of that fact. While they are gone, Mr. Craig whistles the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to tick away the minutes.

Outside, there doesn't seem to be much of a plan:
Alexis comes to the scene after seeing the situation on the news. Ric allows her to come down to the line with him and tells her that Sam and Nikolas are inside. Patrick is waiting next to Ric, waiting for the phone call so he can begin talking Emily through the surgery. Ric wants Patrick to talk in some kind of code so that they can ascertain how the rest of the hostages are, but Patrick says that he doesn't want to fool around. Mac comes back from the hospital and says that Skye claims to know nothing and Alcazar is recovering from brain surgery. When Alexis hears this, she takes off.

Plenty is going on at the hospital:
A new doctor introduces himself to Epiphany as Dr. Russell Ford and then proceeds to go on a tirade there is a patient who has been waiting for 25 minutes for pain meds. He wants a meeting of all nurses. Then he goes to check on Lorenzo Alcazar. Skye informs him about the lapses in memory and fills him in on the case in general. Dr. Ford says it's outrageous that the surgeon who performed the surgery hasn't stuck around to see his patient in recovery. Skye explains about the hostage situation and then asks if there's anything he can do to jar Lorenzo's memory.

While Skye is with the doctor, Alexis goes into Lorenzo's room and tells him that he caused the Metro Court crisis and bullies him to tell her what it'll take to get the hostages released. He doesn't know who she is.

At the nurse's desk, Dr. Ford demands to see the Chief of Staff and Monica overhears him. She informs him that the Chief of Staff is being held hostage at the moment.

Working away on the computer at Jason's house, Spinelli has found some entries into the Metro Court but if Jason uses the pass key that he's found, it'll show up on the security cameras. Jason issues a challenge to "the Jackal" to live up to his name and find another way in! Spinelli is so nervous, he says he doesn't want to make a mistake and get a hostage killed. Jason explains that someone's going to die unless he gets in the hotel either way. When that vault opens in the morning, they'll all blow up.

It's surgery time in the lobby. Nikolas and Sam return with the supplies. They have everything on the list except for a specific kind of light bulb and there are only ten seconds left! Sam quickly pulls a poster off the wall and rips the light fixture off from behind it. "Ding ding" they made it just in time. Mr. Craig gets Patrick on the phone so that they can "get the party started!" He hands the phone to Emily. Patrick tells her it's just like med school only she's working on a real person with all the wrong equipment. He tells her to take a deep breath. Then, she is to trace the path of the bullet through Robin's abdomen with her finger. Next, sterilize the paring knife and make a 4 inch incision directly over the path. (Carly is holding the phone up to Emily's ear.) Suddenly there is a lot of bleeding and Emily is yelling into the phone that she cut an artery. Patrick is hysterically yelling back that she needs to cauterize the bleed with the curling iron.

Sonny gets beat up.

As Robin continues to bleed out, Elizabeth and Max jump up to help.

Jason says, "I have no choice."