Jason has taken Spinelli to the warehouse to work on his computer. He needs find blueprints to the Metro Court and then to do a back ground check on Mr. Craig. He finds out that the vault locked at 5:27 p.m., so that means they have until 5:27 a.m. to get every body out of the Metro Court. Spinelli cautions Jason to calm down and not let his "allergic reaction" to the cops threaten everybody's life. Jason thinks that the best way is for him to get in there and take out the bad guys one by one. "Or die trying," Spinelli says.

Jason calls Skye to see if Lorenzo is out of surgery yet. She tells him that she care more about Lorenzo's life than what he has stashed in the vault at the Metro Court. Monica has stepped into Lorenzo's room behind Skye and heard this. After Skye hangs up, Monica lays into her and accuses Alcazar for the danger that Alan and Emily are in.

Nothing's going right inside the Metro Court Lobby:

Mr. Craig fires a shot near Carly to remind everyone that they are hostages until the safe opens and if they don't follow instructions, he will blow them to kingdom come. Emily has been working on applying pressure to Robin's wound, but Mr. Craig makes her quit and replaces her with Carly. He thinks it would be fun to watch Carly try to figure out how to keep Robin alive. When the goons start to toy with Max and push their guns in his face, Carly blurts out that she can't help Robin without Max's help. They let him go. While they are working hands covered in blood she tells him how sorry she is that he's there. She tells him that it's all her fault that he's not serving coffee right now at the warehouse.

Just then the phone rings, but Mr. Craig would rather let the hostages play for their freedom rather than negotiate for it on the phone. He suggests a new game called "Musical hostages". He wants them to scramble and find partners and the person left out loses. But, they can't start with an even number, so he has to get rid of somebody. He chooses Elizabeth. Nikolas offers to go instead, but Mr. Craig has made up his mind. The goons take Liz to a door and lock her inside. She discovers that is where they have stashed Alan after knocking him out. Only now, he's awake and having chest pains.

Sam whispers to Lulu that there is a door at the end of the hallway, and Lulu wants to risk everything by going for it. Nikolas forbids her to move another inch. Just then, Mr. Craig sits next to her and asks if she's going somewhere. He tells her that he's going to shoot one of her legs so that she'll hold still. Just as he's about to do it, Carly does what she does best creates a diversion! She stands up and proclaims that she doesn't even like Robin, why is she getting her contaminated blood all over her. She is able to convince Mr. Craig to let Emily come work on Robin for a while. As Emily makes her way over to Robin, Mr. Craig traces her pretty face with his fingers and calls her "Emily darling." He puts a gun to Nicolas's face at the same time. He offers to take her somewhere less public and Nikolas jumps up. Sonny restrains Nikolas. They put Lulu in charge of Robin because she obviously needs something to do. They make Carly help her. Then Mr. Craig pulls Emily away and asks her what she's willing to do to help poor Doctor Scorpio. He throws her in the room with Alan and Liz. Liz has been trying to comfort Alan and get him to take deep breaths. Emily takes over. She tells him that his shortness of breath has nothing to do with the concussion he got when they whacked him on the head. Mr. Craig tells them to choose one person to go back and join the group and Liz offers to go.

Things aren't much better outside the lobby:

Mac is so upset about Robin that he hands over the command to Ric. Luke overhears Ric tell his team that he's considering filling the lobby with tear gas to rattle Mr. Craig's cage. Lucky wants Luke to calm down and let the police do their work. Luke tries to incite Lucky to jump ship and storm the building with him. He tells Lucky that his sister and the mother of his child are in there. Does he want to leave their lives in the hands of DA "Napoleon" (he was referring to Ric)?

At the hospital:
Noah and Patrick are operating on Lorenzo. Patrick has found a shortcut to remove the bullet fragment, but Noah argues that it's too risky and they don't know how it will affect Lorenzo after he comes out of it. Patrick wants to hurry up so that Lorenzo can wake up and tell them what the code to the briefcase is. Noah reminded him that his responsibility is to his patient, not to Robin at this very moment.

In Lorenzo's room, Monica is livid with Skye for being a part of the whole thing and demands that she tell Mac everything she knows. She reminds Skye that Alan adopted her and treats her like his own daughter and now he is in danger. Noah and Patrick come in and report that surgery is over. Before they go any further, Skye insists that Monica leave. Monica blurted, "I liked you lots better when you were a drunk!" and storms off to call Mac. She tells him to come and question Skye because she knows something.

Outside the Metro Court, Luke has decided to take action and he shows up in a full Swat Team outfit. Cruse is forced to arrest him for obstruction of justice and hauls him down to the station. Patrick shows up and convinces Ric to make another phone call into the lobby. He tells Mr. Craig that if Robin dies, he's looking at a death sentence. He needs to allow medical supplies to come in. Hot-headed Patrick is yelling out a litany of supplies and Mr. Craig says that he won't allow them to bring in an entire OR. Patrick grabs the phone and suddenly Mr. Craig decides to leave things the way they are.

Inside, Emily is freaked out, but trying to remain calm while talking to her dad. He assures her that he's only having a panic attack. He says that he was a doctor before she was even born and he knows what he's talking about. Then, he arrests. In the lobby, Mr. Craig decides to taunt Nikolas a little more. He asks him if Emily looks as good out of her dress as she does in it. Nikolas tells him that if he touches Emily, he'll kill him. Carly and Lulu are still working on Robin. Carly tries a new tactic, she harshly tells Robin to "suck it up and live." She doesn't want everyone to blame her for letting precious Robin to bleed to death. Robin's eyes open and she weakly asks, "What are you doing?"

A few feet over, Elizabeth has been deposited to sit next to Sam. Sam asks her where they put her. Liz whispers that it was an office down the hall from the boutique. Sam tells her that the manager's cell phone is in the top drawer in that room. Craig hears them chatting and comes over and pulls Sam to her feet. As they struggle, Sam reaches up and pulls his mask off. "You really, really shouldn't have done that," he seethes.

At the hospital, Skye is holding Lorenzo's hand and talking to him as he starts to come out of it. He is confused, but asks Skye where he is. Skye tells him that he is at the hospital and just had surgery to remove the bullet. "Who shot me?" "Sonny." "I don't like him, do I?" Jason comes running in and asks him for the code to he briefcase. Skye tries to help by reminding him about the shipment and Mr. Craig. Lorenzo says that his brother Luis handles all the shipments. Skye tells him that Luis is dead. Lorenzo is saddened to hear that. No matter how many times Jason and Skye say, "767" Lorenzo simply cannot tell them the last three numbers.

Mr. Craig makes Sam put his mask on.

Patrick pounds on the lobby door.

Emily tearfully holds her father.