The crowd in front of the Metro Court is growing:

Spinelli assures Jason that he's positive that he's reading the vault records right on the file he hacked into. It says that Lorenzo checked a chrome briefcase in.

Luke and Scotty are watching the cops to see how they will attempt to secure the safety of the hostages inside the lobby. Luke reminds Scott that the last time he was in town, the Port Charles hotel burned down. He suggests that there is a connection.

The crowd in the Metro Court lobby is growing more frightened by the minute:

Sonny tells Mr. Craig to shoot him if he has to shoot somebody. Instead, Mr. Craig points his gun at Carly and says, "Lady's first." Then he waves his gun around and invites his hostages to feel free to stretch their legs because he loves moving targets. Sonny tries his best to get through to him that Robin needs doctors; she's bleeding badly and is the closest to her; so she's the one trying to stop the bleeding. Mr. Craig points his gun back at Sonny and fires. The bullet just missed Sonny, and since he didn't flinch, Mr. Craig grants permission for Alan, Emily and Liz work on Robin. Lulu steps aside and her hands are covered in blood. Carly explains that the person they shot is HIV positive and wants permission to help her cousin sanitize her hands. Alan demands that Robin be taken to the hospital and one of the goons whack him on the head and knock him out. "I don't have to do anything," Mr. Craig replies.

Inside the vault, Maxi is trying to engage the goon in conversation. She learns that the briefcase is blinking because it's wired to self-destruct. He explains that it could be a big enough explosion to take out the whole building, or simply destroy the contents of the case. He says he can't do a thing to stop it unless he has the code, which he doesn't. All he can do is make sure that she is between him and the blast.

The crowd upstairs at the fundraiser restaurant is starting to notice that something is going on:
Edward is grumbling that Bobbie planned the whole charity event and then hasn't even shown up yet. Tracy tells him thats how Spencer's operate. Then, she remembers that she, too, is a Spencer.

Monica finds Mike and asks him if he has seen Alan. Mike says that he thinks Alan went down to the lobby to talk to Robin.

Dillon walks over to Georgie and Pete who are talking about their project and asks "his girlfriend" for a dance. Georgie tells him that he should find Lulu then. They argue for a while until Pete admits that he's been monopolizing Georgie's time. George wonders why Maxi hasn't come upstairs for the party yet.

A group has gathered in line to take the elevator down and it's taking forever. Someone recalls that when the PC hotel was on fire, the first sign was that the elevators didn't run. Tracy asks Dillon if he knows where Lulu is? Panic starts when people come in from the terrace and announce that the building looks like it's surrounded by the PCPD. Just then, Lucky and Cruse come out of the stairwell and tell everyone that they are evacuating the building because there are gunmen in the lobby and they have hostages.

A scene at the hospital is equally tense: Lorenzo went into code blue and was rushed into surgery. Noah and Patrick are operating on him and Noah disagrees with the way Patrick wants to remove the new shrapnel that he found. Back in the room, Skye is freaking out trying to figure out how to get the rest of the code so that she can reset the bomb within the time frame Lorenzo gave her. Jason comes rushing into the room and demands to know everything that Skye can tell him about what's in the briefcase. He explains that the whole Quartermaine family is at risk. Skye finally decides to cooperate and tells Jason all that she knows.

The people from the restaurant have made their way down the stairway and onto the street. Luke finds Tracy and learns that Lulu is in the lobby. Georgie runs up to Mac and tells him that Maxi must still be inside. Edward and Monica come out and insist that Mac get Alan and Emily from the lobby somehow. The press storms Mike and asks him if this is the beginning of a mob war.

In the lobby, things go from bad to worse. Sam and Max signal each other to try to figure something out, Sonny realizes that Mr. Craig means business and indicates to everyone "No funny business." Nikolas stands up and offers 1 million bucks for every one of the goons if they allow Robin to be evacuated. Sonny sweetens the pot. He offers to use his connections to help them make a clean break. Mr. Craig tells him that the only thing he can do is make his wife open the vault.

The hotel phone at the front desk rings and Mr. Craig answers it. The caller identifies himself as Commissioner Scorpio. Mr. Craig says, "I just shot a Robin Scorpio and she's bleeding to death as we speak."

At the hospital, Jason is trying to get information from Skye when Patrick enters the room. He explains that the surgery isn't over and as soon as some tests come back, he needs to go back in and remove more shrapnel. Jason tells him to wake Lorenzo up so they can get the code. Patrick won't hear of it, but listens as Jason explains what is going on at the Metro Court. Just then, his cell phone rings. It's Spinelli calling to say that Robin Scorpio has been shot, and Carly and Sonny are trapped inside.

Upon hearing this, Patrick wants to rush over to the Metro Court but Noah insists that he doesn't know the surgery well enough to do it alone.

Inside the lobby, Max has discovered that there is one door that the goons forgot to lock. Mr. Craig decides to up the stakes. He pulls out a big duffle bag full of explosives. He shows his captives a device that will implode the bag. He announces that there is a 60-second delay on the detonator and that he and his associates will be in another room playing "hot potato" with it. As soon as they leave the room, Sonny whispers to Carly that as soon as the vault opens, Mr. Craig will blow the whole place up to cover his tracks. His chin quivers as he tells her that there's no way he's going to let his children lose both their parents. (She reaches up and holds his face in her hands.)

Outside, a list has been compiled of who is inside. Lucky realizes that Liz is on it and calls Audrey. Dillon asks Spinelli where Lulu is and learns that she's inside, too. Luke learns that Bobbie hadn't arrived yet when the hostages were taken, so she's down at headquarters answering questions about the fundraiser. Jason makes Spinelli keep working on his laptop so they can figure something out. They learn that the vault is set to reopen in twelve hours. Jason realizes the same thing that Sonny did Mr. Craig will blow the whole place up as soon as he gets what he wants.

In the operating room, Patrick and Noah are hard at work on Lorenzo. It's getting dicey, but Patrick says, "If this bastard dies, so does Robin."

Did Lorenzo make it through surgery?
Jason declares that he is going to get the hostages out.
Sonny tells Carly that they have 12 hours to get out of there.
The goons want to play another game, starting with Liz.