Mac and a swat team have their weapons pointed at the Metro Court. They are concerned about the hostages inside and see that someone dressed in black with a black mask jumps from the 2nd floor. As they get ready to shoot the person takes off her black face mask it's Sam! The swat team puts down their guns as Sam runs toward them yelling that the building is going to explode. "Get everyone out, now!" she implores them. Patrick is one of the nervous faces in the crowd. An unconscious body is carried out and he runs to see if he can help. Nikolas is there, too. He yells out for Emily and decides to go in after her. The building explodes just before he gets to the door.

The words "14 hours earlier" and "3 p.m." are up over a scene of Lucky entering the Metro Court. Mr. Craig approaches him and asks if there's anything wrong. He explains that he gets nervous when he sees a cop at the place where he's staying. "How is the security here in an emergency situation, by the way?" he asks. Lucky assures him that the Metro Court is a state-of-the art facility. After Lucky moves on, Maxi finds him and reports that Liz isn't excited to go to the party with him tonight.

Liz returns to Windemere with her new dress and complains to Emily about how everyone is pushing her to go back to Lucky. Emily asks if that's what is really bothering her. Or is it that she would rather be with Jason? Emily assures Liz that she won't judge her, but she wonders if her feelings for Jason have grown beyond that of a friend. Before Liz can answer, she reminds her that Jason and Sam are back together and she can't see any reason why Jason would ever leave her. Then she steers the conversation back to the great times that they had with Nikolas and Lucky. Liz says that she used to live those dinners; but it feels like a lifetime ago.

Lucky is looking for suspicious behavior on the waterfront and waiting for Nikolas to show up. He takes his eyes from the binoculars for a second and glances down at a ring inside a box from his pocket. Nikolas arrives and wonders why Lucky called him there. Lucky says that he wants his opinion on something. "Am I pressuring Liz too much?" he asks. Nik tells Lucky that he's doing great with his recovery and his job. He thinks Lucky just needs to settle back into his life and let Liz see that he can take whatever comes his way. Lucky takes his opportunity to finally tell someone about the hyrocodone pills that he took from the drug bust. He explains that he never took them; he just wanted to prove to himself that he could resist temptation. "Talk about pushing the envelope", Nik says. He reminds Lucky that their mother had faith that he could kick his addiction and that he should try to remember that.

Carly barges in at Jason's place and interrupts Jason and Sam as they talk about babies. She announces that Sonny tricked her into marrying him. Sam gives them their space and goes back to work. After she leaves, Carly tells Jason everything that she has learned about Sonny's plan to manipulate her into staying with him. Jason -- not wanting to believe her -- places a call to Diane to see if there's any truth to it. He has to leave a message. After a while, Carly is able to convince him that Sonny deceived him, as well as her. She wants to collect on his promise to take her for a quickie divorce. Right away! As they are talking about how to proceed, Milo comes over and tells Carly that he's sorry, but Mr. C won't give him her passport. She picks up the phone and calls Bernie to get her a fake one; but Sonny has already ordered him not to.

Dillon visits Georgie at Kelly's and thanks her for encouraging him to get back into studying film. He says he feels like his old self again, and then invites her to a film noir event tonight. But she already has plans. Dillon gets snippy about the time she's spending with Professor Marquez. After he ranks a while, he straightens out his attitude and tells her that the professor is lucky to have her talents on his project. Georgie tells Dillon that relationships aren't supposed to be this hard. She thinks that maybe it's time to wish each other well and move on. Dillon is sorry that he hurt her; but he still loves her. He feels their connection is just as strong as ever; but she thinks they've changed. Just as he's able to get through to her about how special their relationship is (or was), Lulu and Spinelli bust in the doors looking for him with big news.

At Windemere, Liz is finally starting to open up to Emily. She asks her who she thinks is better for Jason, "Sam or me?" Emily says that Sam has made some mistakes, but she and Jason seem to have gotten past them. She points out to Liz that things would have been different if her baby had turned out to be Jason's. He would have committed his life to that baby and to her. But she reminded Liz that she and Jason did attempt a relationship years ago and it didn't work out. Liz explained that the timing was always just wrong for them. "I have imagined what it would be like if Jason and I were together," Liz says as she starts to cry. She tearfully admits that she obviously has a lot to work though. Emily tells her that she will support whatever she decides. Liz is grateful, but states that mo matter what she decides, somebody's going to get hurt.

In the lobby at the Metro Court, Patrick is reeling from his phone call. He tells Robin that his HIV results came back "inconclusive". She tells him that she'll be mad at him for going to Vegas later; but right now they are going to the hospital to talk to Alan. When they get there, they talk while waiting for Alan. Patrick is nervous and Robin is being supportive. She tells him that no matter what the result are, their relationship will still be as wonderful, and rocky, as ever. He tells her that he'll be okay -- she's living proof of that. Alan finds them and is ready to discuss the results, "We've got a serious problem." He explains that they couldn't get a reading either way. It's possible that there was a mistake in the lab, but they need to run the test again. Robin wants a rush job, but Patrick says that won't be necessary. He explains that he's as informed as he wants to be right now, he wants to wait until next month. He reminds her that if he is HIV positive, he doesn't have to deal with it her way.

Mr. Craig approaches the front desk at the Metro Court and asks Sam for a tour of the vault. He tells her that he has valuables and he wants to see how secure they will be. Sam tells him that's not allowed, but assures him that his things will be safe there. "It's virtually impossible to break into it," Sam tells him, and then gets back to work.

At Kelly's, Spinelli and Lulu are chatting at a table, and Dillon is still at the counter trying to convince Georgie to get their relationship another chance. Professor Pete arrives to pick her up. She tells Dillon that she's excited to read Pete's new chapters and thanks him for the offering to take her to see a movie tonight. Pete helps her with her coat and they leave. Dillon begrudgingly sits down Lulu and Spinelli and learns that they want Alan's PDA too see if he ever made a payoff to Rick Webber. Dillon reminds them that tonight is the fundraiser and that could give them a chance to get it. Spinelli wants to go and wear his tuxedo tee shirt. No dice, Dillon and Lulu will go without him.

At Jason's, he suggests that there must be a part of Carly who might have wanted to marry Sonny. "Since when do you do anything you don't want to do?" She begs him to help her get a divorce before her resolve melts. He says he'll do whatever she wants, but is she certain that she doesn't want to be with Sonny ever again? She cant take it anymore. She says that the boys can stay with Sonny just for one night; she'll stay at the hotel. She makes Jason promise not to bail on her and then leaves.

Sam is back behind the desk at the Metro Court and Maxi finds her and asks if she sneak her name on the guest list for the fund raiser tonight? Sam agrees to try. Then, Dr. (Kelly) Lee drops some papers for Robin off with Sam. Sam explains that she had an exam wants to know if she'll a 2nd opinion on her ability to carry a child. Lee admits that she looked at the charts and then confirms the first doctor's diagnosis. She reminds Sam that there were concerns about her uterus's viability last year when she was shot. She adds that she's not even certain that Sam could conceive. As she reminds Sam that there are several fertility options, Sam says that she doubts Jason will ever go for that.

Jason finds Liz on the water front. She asked, she tells him that she's thinking about the same old stuff that she's forever boring him with. He tells her to stop worrying about everyone else. She needs to focus on herself and what she and the baby need. "So you're saying I should do the selfish thing?" she asks. He answers her by saying, "Let me help you, we'll talk it through. Whatever it is, it'll work out."

Someone new is checking in at the Metro Court. We see his hands sign in and then finally we see his face. It's Scotty Baldwin!

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