Anthony meets with Lucky's dealer JT. Anthony wants to know what kind of progress he's making with Lucky. JT thinks Lucky will be back soon for more. Anthony muses that Lucky could be setting him up. If he is, Anthony instructs he will have to be taken care of. JT won't go back to prison for killing a cop, but Anthony points out there's more than one way to waste a cop.

Anthony surprises Tracy at the Metro Court spa as she waits for her treatment. She tries to leave, but can't open the door. She yells for help, but he thinks it's the perfect opportunity for him to get to know her better. Tracy reiterates ELQ won't do business with him, but Anthony is undeterred. He points out she can leave any time because the door isn't locked. He thinks she subconsciously knew it was pull, not push, the whole time. Once Tracy has left, Anthony makes a call about a package he sent to a mystery woman.

At the hospital, Elizabeth stops an unidentified staff member from going into the meds closet. She threatens to call security, until Epiphany diffuses the situation. Epiphany tells Liz she is only supposed to be on desk duty. She's not in charge of monitoring people's badges. Liz doesn't think she's upset with her, but with Robin's new procedures. Epiphany responds that if Liz can't be a professional then she needs to go home. Once the women leave, a different man breaks into the meds supply closet.

Siobhan finds Lucky going through her purse at home. Lucky thinks she assumes he's looking for money for drugs. They launch into an argument about trust. He explains that when he needs to buy more drugs for his case, the department will give him the cash. He was just going to put her new debit card in her wallet that has her married name on it. She feels he's a different man these days because he's suspicious and paranoid. He's acting like an addict. He says Liz understands. She thinks the investigation will push him into a relapse and Liz knows it. Their argument is interrupted by a call from Elizabeth, who thinks she has a lead on his case. He leaves as Siobhan breaks down in tears.

Lucky meets Elizabeth at the hospital and listens to her suspicions. He doesn’t want her to risk herself for his case because he can't lose another person he cares about. She notes it always leads back to Jake. Even though they go on with their lives, there will always be an empty place where he used to be. They hug, as Siobhan watches from afar. As she starts to walk away, Siobhan gets another headache. Meanwhile, Liz tells Lucky she didn't trust the orderly's story and gives him the guy's info. She believes he can handle this investigation. He admits he thinks it would be great not to be present in his life or look at his regrets. She says a distraction works when she feels that way. He wants a pill in those moments, but he knows he can't do his job if he succumbs. He walks away as the man who broke into the supply closet follows him.

Lucky heads to the pier and tosses his pills away. He calls Siobhan and leaves a message apologizing for his behavior. He says there's a storm coming. When it breaks, he wants to dance in the rain with her. Once he hangs up, JT approaches Lucky with the bottle of pills he tossed aside. JT wants him to prove he is a serious customer by taking one of them. When Lucky refuses, two men enter the scene and restrain him while JT injects Lucky with drugs.

Siobhan heads home and discovers her nose is bleeding.

Carly and Josslyn find Patrick cleaning up after Emma at Kelly's. She fills him in on her recent drama with Jax and Josslyn. Robin walks in, unhappy to see Carly with her husband. Patrick takes the girls to the park out back, as Robin calls Carly out on ambushing Jax. Carly defends herself and the women bicker until Patrick returns with the kids. Robin tells Patrick she won't sit with Carly so he needs to choose between them. Carly walks away as Robin rails at Patrick for spending time with Carly, who was clearly hitting on him. Someone follows Carly as she leaves the restaurant.

Carly heads to the hospital for Josslyn's prescription. She runs into Elizabeth, who tells her Jason and Sam are engaged.

A disheveled Sonny busts into a rundown house that's for sale. Once he exits, he looks at Brenda's rings and walks away.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lucky hallucinates.

Carly interrupts Jason and Sam.

Sonny returns home.

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