Michael sits in Sonny's office chair as he searches for clues of his father's whereabouts. Abby walks in and says, "Don't you look right at home." She admits she's scared he still wants to get into the mob. Michael wonders what he's supposed to do since ELQ isn't exactly a good fit. She wants him to have fun and asks about a time when that happened for him. Michael recalls when he and Kristina ran off to Mexico. He felt free. She tells him he doesn't have to go anywhere to feel free. Abby brings Michael out to the restaurant and tries to dance with him. When he doesn't want to Abby grabs his arm pleading with him, but Michael snaps, "I said no!" He apologizes for his reaction. He loves watching her dance because it's her thing. It's just not who he is. She thinks it could be.

Maxie brings The Jackal to the sewer to look for Sam's engagement ring. She tries to bring Spinelli out by recalling their history, but The Jackal isn't phased. He sees some icing on the wall and thinks it has something to do with his case regarding the bakery. They hear a noise and then the gates lock them in. Maxie is pleased, but The Jackal hopes she knows how to get the out of there.

Tracy goes to Jake's for a drink and runs into Anthony. She insists she won't do business with him, but he points out if he made even the smallest transgression, he would be sent back to prison, so their dealings would be on the up and up. After Tracy walks out, Anthony makes a call to discuss the delivery of some information.

A strangely enthusiastic Alexis stops by the penthouse to get details from Sam and Jason about the proposal. After some chitchat, Alexis asks to talk to Jason alone. Sam leaves the room to get iced tea and Alexis tells Jason she doesn’t think this is a good idea anymore. She thinks the reality is settling in and wonders why he proposed now. She doesn’t think a conventional marriage is right for him. She rattles on about how perfect their lives are right now and how marriage could ruin it. She starts to get hot and fans herself as Sam returns to give her mother a paper bag to breathe into. Sam insists to her mother she and Jason are getting married.

Still on the island, Lulu urges Nikolas not to let Helena get inside his head. It's not what's inside his head that concerns him. It's what's inside his heart. Nikolas recalls how he was an inconvenience when he first came to Port Charles. He begged for acceptance with the Spencers for years, but with Aiden he finally had a family of his own. Now, he is expected to give that up so Lucky can be happy. Lulu reminds him he chose to walk away. Nikolas wonders if it were the other way around, would people rush to make sure Aiden ended up with him? He thinks not. Nikolas wants to move on now. No Spencers and no Cassadines. He does not care what people think of him or his motives anymore. He notes the only one looking for approval right now is her. She asks if he knows something about Luke. He retorts he knows that she should leave there and never come back. He pours himself a drink and toasts to eternal damnation. She notes he's drinking what her dad drinks. He thinks Lulu is acting desperate for Luke's attention. Dante returns as Nikolas tells his sister she is putting her boyfriend's life at risk all to be a hero where Luke is concerned. Just like their mother. Dante makes his presence known and Nikolas walks away. Lulu tells Dante she needs to grow up and suggests they pack up and leave. She knows she can't save anyone. She's not her mom. Dante knows she loves her family. Lulu tells him he's her family now. If Luke has something to say to her, he'll find a way to say it.

Elsewhere on the island, Helena meets with Luke, whose face we don't see. He shows her the diamonds, but doesn't give them to her. She tells him he has a very interesting visitor. Helena later finds Nikolas. She asks him to stay, but he declares he is not the image of his father or anyone else in this family. He forcefully say no one, including her, should bet on what he does next. After he walks away, Helena makes a call and says they are alone in this, but the Spencers have never been more vulnerable.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz gets called out on being overzealous.

Anthony puts drugs in Lucky's path.

Robin finds Patrick with Carly.

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