From Paris, Jax calls Brenda, who is in Rome. He tells her all he can think about is Josslyn, who believes all is perfect in her world, but it's not. After he hangs up, he looks at a photo of him with Carly and Josslyn. He grows increasingly upset, so much so that he breaks the frame's glass with his hands. Jax rips Carly out of the photo and makes a call to prepare his jet.

Shawn stops by to see Carly and Josslyn at home. Carly catches him up on getting custody of Josslyn, as well as Jax leaving. He opens up about his time in the service. He tells her he might have a job in D.C. so he's hitting the road. He warns her to keep her guard up though because he doesn't see Jax letting this go. As he walks out the door, he notes it looks like a bad storm is coming.

Siobhan tears into Elizabeth on the hospital rooftop. Siobhan accuses her of enabling Lucky, while Liz thinks Siobhan is just Lucky's latest damsel in distress. Siobhan warns her to get her act together or else they will both lose Lucky.

Down at the hub, Liz sees Monica, who tells her she knows Jake was Jason's son. Monica thinks Elizabeth should have told her. Liz doesn't think it was her place, but assures her Jake was loved by everyone. Monica says the only way she'll know him now is through memories. Monica urges her not to let Jake's death break her or to let fear and selfishness destroy her other two sons' lives. After Monica walks away, Liz picks up a pamphlet on recovery.

Lucky heads home and stares at the bottle of pills he got from the dealer. He quickly hides them when Siobhan returns. She apologizes for overstepping with Ethan, but she is concerned about him. Lucky reminds her he is a cop who might have to meet up with drug dealers from time to time. He insists he is clean and he plans on staying that way. He storms out as Siobhan gets another pain in her head.

Steve brings Olivia flowers at home. As they flirt, Olivia's air conditioner goes out. She fixes it, which impresses Steve. She asks about his job and he tells her he liked working at the trauma unit in Memphis because he never got bored there. She asks why he left then. He evades by focusing on her air conditioning. As they enjoy the cool air, they get frisky and clothes start to come off.

On the Cassadine Island, Nikolas greets Lulu as Helena enters the room. She baits her grandson about his kids. Nikolas tells her never to speak Aiden's name again. Helena is happy to see the dark brooding prince return. Nikolas tell her this isn't his home. They rehash the past with Helena pointing out the ugly history between Luke and Laura. She also needles Lulu over Luke favoring Lucky over her. Nikolas wants his grandmother to stop pitting the people he loves against each other. Nikolas wants nothing to do with her feud with the Spencers or with the Cassadine family. Helena thinks it's time for him to embrace his roots. Nikolas responds, "Is it? Be careful what you wish for." When he brings up her switching Aiden's DNA test results, she says there is too much of his weak Uncle Stefan in Nikolas. She thinks that weakness is what destroyed Stefan and urges Nikolas not to let it happen to him. One alone with his sister, Nikolas apologizes for not saying goodbye to her. Lulu doesn't think running solves anything. Nikolas tells her he's trying to do right by Aiden and be a better father to him than he was to Spencer – citing where he is from. He isn't sure if he is Aiden father or not, but he can't take another son from Lucky.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lulu decides to go home.

Alexis shows up at the penthouse hyperventilating.

Anthony drops in on Tracy.

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