Despite a brief interruption from Epiphany, Robin and Patrick get it on in one of the hospital rooms. He then lays out their picnic complete with food from the hospital cafeteria. She thinks he's trying to sweet talk her into more O.R. time. He would like a better rotation, but he also wanted to spend time with his wife. Robin gets dressed and tells her husband that she takes her interim position very seriously. She wants to fix what's wrong with the system and she wants his help. She needs them to be a team. He agrees.

Molly brings Alexis a poem she found in an old poetry book she is thinking of using for Jason and Sam's wedding, but it's in Slavic. Alexis translates and says it means something bad is in the air.

Siobhan finds Elizabeth breaking down at the hospital. Siobhan angrily wonders if she wants to kill someone by being back at work too soon. She asks, "Wasn't Jake enough?" Siobhan suggests she seek professional help.

Siobhan, who feels a pain in her head, goes to the pier and runs into Lucky. He lashes out at her for going to Ethan about his case and wonders whose life she wants to ruin more: his or Elizabeth's. She doesn’t want Lucky and Elizabeth to fall into a destructive orbit together. Lucky thinks Elizabeth believes in him, but Siobhan calls it enabling. After Siobhan leaves, Lucky meets with a dealer who gives him a bottle of pills.

As Jason and Sam revel in their engagement at the penthouse, Monica stops by to talk to her son. Sam leaves them to it. Monica tells Jason she knows about Jake. Jason says no one was supposed to know in order to protect everyone. Monica isn't there for retribution, she just wants answers. She remembers when Jason was Jake's age and how Alan could make him laugh. She recalls how there was no stopping him from talking once he started opening up. She lost that little boy though and eventually the man. She wants him to know what that loss meant to her and Alan. Jason thought he was doing what was right for him. She thinks maybe if he had become a doctor instead of what he is now they wouldn't be mourning the death of a little boy. She cries, as Jason stands by not knowing what to do. Monica isn't done talking about it, but she is for now. She just wanted to get some things off her chest. She tells him she's there for him if he ever wants to talk. After Monica leaves, Elizabeth stops by in tears. She runs into Jason's arms, saying she didn't know where else to go. Elizabeth sees Sam and becomes uncomfortable. Sam tells her to stay and goes to the kitchen to get Liz some water. Liz tells Jason she can't get over the guilt regarding Jake and tells him all the things Siobhan said to her. Sam returns and hands Liz a glass of water. She sees Sam's ring, looks at Jason and says, "You're getting married?" The couple confirms and Sam tells Liz she understands why Liz is there, but assures her she's not to blame for anything. Sam leaves the room. Elizabeth starts to exit and Jason tells her they have a connection. Liz responds that it was more than that. She congratulates Jason and leaves. Sam returns feeling bad, but Jason tells her she actually helped, adding that Liz needs to find herself again. Sam suggests they go for a motorcycle ride.

Elizabeth goes up to the hospital rooftop. Siobhan joins her and says if one of them were to go over the edge, no one would believe it was an accident.

Kristina stops by Johnny's to ask him to fire Ethan. Ethan stops by and finds Kristina there. Johnny tells him to be careful around Kristina because she's got it bad for him. As Ethan and Kristina leave, Johnny shouts out that Ethan's fired. Kristina gets dizzy on the elevator.

Helena taunts Lulu about Dante and her parents on the Cassadine Island. She thinks Lulu is trying to channel Laura because she doesn't know who she is or what she wants. Helena recalls the night Nikolas was conceived and Laura stabbed Stavros. She wants the Spencers to suffer as loss as well: The loss of Luke. She wants to help liberate Luke from his family ties. Dante returns and Helena leaves the room. Dante tells Lulu they should leave, but Lulu knows Luke is coming there so she wants to wait. Dante agrees, but leaves the room, as Nikolas enters.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Elizabeth and Monica discuss Jake.

Helena eggs Nik on.

Olivia and Steve heat things up.

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