Patrick convinces Robin at the hospital to go on a picnic with him, until she realizes he and Matt are just trying to distract her from work. Later, Patrick brings Robin to a hospital room for a picnic. He points out she'll be in shouting distance for any emergencies. She reminds him that romantic gestures won't secure him more time in the O.R. He says he just wants some wife time and kisses her.

After Steve tries to get through to Elizabeth about taking time off, he meets with Olivia on the pier. He shares his concerns about his sister returning to the hospital and working with Lucky on his case. He fears she will make another fatal error.

As Siobhan rants about Elizabeth to Lucky at the precinct, she learns Lucky is investigating missing drugs at the hospital. She worries about losing him to addiction and to his ex-wife. Lucky assures her he's working the program, adding he doesn’t duck cases just because they're difficult. Siobhan leaves and Elizabeth enters to tell Lucky she is determined to help him with his case. He tells her he's meeting his old dealer on the docks. He plans to buy some pills and track their origin. She expresses her faith in him that he won't take them.

Siobhan calls Ethan to meet on the pier. She tells him about Lucky's investigation, worried he will succumb to his temptations. She adds that Liz has been sniffing around as well. She thinks it's a recipe for disaster. Ethan agrees it sounds like Lucky is headed for trouble. Ethan later finds Lucky waiting for his old dealer. Ethan says he's there to stop him before he slips any further. Ethan tries to convince him to drop the case especially since he's roped Liz into it. Lucky doesn’t want or need his help.

The Jackal runs into his office and kisses Maxie because he cracked the bakery case. He believes Johnny left the establishment with a mysterious package.

Johnny returns to his penthouse with a box of cupcakes for his father. Anthony tells him he has several projects going on at once, which will converge at the point of maximum impact. Maxie runs over to tell Johnny she needs him to play along with Spinelli. Maxie hides when The Jackal stops by and catches Anthony with the box of cupcakes. Anthony plays along, despite Johnny's exasperation over the situation. Johnny puts a stop to the charade when he calls Maxie out. He tells The Jackal the bakery is clean and that his father is making a joke out of him right now. After Spin and Maxie leave, Johnny orders his father to leave Spinelli alone because he's having a tough time. Especially since he thinks they are smuggling contraband in cupcakes. Johnny exits, as Anthony gets a serious look on his face while studying his baked good.

When Dante won't succumb to Helena's advances in her mansion, she threatens him with her knife. He disarms her, while trying to keep up the ruse, but Helena knows he is Lulu's boyfriend and a cop. After hearing Helena going after Dante, Lulu rushes in to order the old bat away from her man. Lulu then demands to know where her father is. Helena tells her Luke doesn't want to be found by anyone. Helena thinks men are programmed to stray, lie and leave. She suggests Lulu go home and pay attention to her guy so he doesn't do any of those things. Unless it's too late. Dante assures Helena he keeps his promises, but Helena thinks time will make a liar out of one of them and it won't be her. Helena tells them she is meeting Luke on the pier in one hour to pick up some diamonds from him. Lulu wants to see her father. Helena says she can go in her place, but she's been warned. Helena makes her exit, as Dante tries to convince Lulu to head home with him. She's determined to wait for her dad. Dante leaves to take a walk, but promises he will always come back for her. Helena returns and informs Lulu she will be very sorry she stayed behind alone.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz turns to Jason.

Lucky is tempted by his old dealer.

Monica interrupts Jason and Sam.

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