Lucky enters the station, but Mac reminds him he's on indefinite leave due to all the upheaval in his personal life. Lucky says he needs to do something constructive instead of dwelling on everything he's lost. He needs an assignment, but Mac hesitates putting him on a case at the hospital involving missing large quantities of drugs. Drugs Lucky used to take. Lucky insists he can do it so Mac hands it over to him.

Lucky meets Elizabeth on the pier to ask for help with the drug case. She expresses her concern over his involvement, but asks him to come to her if he has trouble with his addiction.

Robin butts heads with Patrick and Matt at the hospital regarding the direction she's taking them in. Steve walks up and Robin tells him she will be introducing her new procedures in the ER. She walks away and Matt tells Patrick and Steve Robin is becoming a nightmare. Later, Robin bumps into Elizabeth and asks her to return to work, but only if she's ready. Liz is happy Robin has so much faith in her and walks away to get changed. Steve tells Robin it's a bad idea, but Robin points out Elizabeth will just be at the desk so no one will get hurt. Steve says, "Except Elizabeth."

Maxie shows up at the Jackal's office. He tells her he's working on the bakery case and she tries to get him to nickname the possible suspects he's seen come and go at the bakery. The Jackal doesn't bite but thinks he's on to something juicy. She urges him to set up surveillance on his laptop, but he reminds her technology is not his thing. After the Jackal's moves on her are rebuffed, Matt walks in and tells Maxie Robin is driving him crazy at the hospital. The Jackal suggests they dig up some dirt and blackmail Robin. Matt and Maxie nix that idea, but Matt wants Maxie's help in getting through to her cousin. She won't undercut Robin.

After Siobhan gets checked out by Matt at the hospital, she sees Elizabeth working and angrily says it was a bad idea for the Chief of Staff to reinstate her. Liz then runs into Steve who begs her to go home and not return to work just yet. Later, Patrick brings Robin flowers at the hub and invites her on a picnic. She says she's too busy, but he thinks they need to make time for their relationship. Matt looks pleased off to the side.

Maxie shows up at the station and tells Lucky about Spinelli's new persona. She fills him in on the Jackal's stakeout and asks him to keep the cops from ticketing him for loitering outside the bakery. Lucky will pass on the message. They move on talking about his life and Maxie says she knows Lucky is too much of a gentleman to leave Siobhan right after her surgery, but she knows Elizabeth is the love of his life. Once Maxie is gone, Lucky calls his old dealer at the station for the case, as Siobhan enters. He hangs up and Siobhan wonders if she'll lose him if she reinstates her lawsuit against Elizabeth.

Anthony shows up with flowers for Abby at ELQ. She asks him to leave, as Michael finds them. Anthony tells Michael he has legitimate funds he wishes to invest in ELQ. Tracy walks up and tells him they aren't interested. Asher joins the conversation as Anthony hints he has knowledge of an ELQ secret deal. Later, Tracy rails at Michael and Abby for bringing the mob element around. She accuses them of discussing the deal outside the company and wants Michael to leave before he ruins the company and breaks Edward's heart.

Asher meets with Anthony outside, worried about him dropping the name of the deal. Anthony thinks Tracy will just blame Michael for leaking that information. He tells Asher he wants him to run ELQ into the ground so he can snatch it up in order to launder his money.

As Dante and Lulu camp out on the Cassadine island, Lulu suggests Dante go undercover and apply for a job with Helena so they can find Luke. Dante would do anything for her, but he doesn’t understand why she wants to search for her father, who doesn't want to be found. Lulu won't back off until Luke tells her to her face that he doesn't want to be her dad anymore.

Lulu listens from her phone as Dante discusses a job with Helena in her mansion. He tells her Luke sent him, but she wonders if he is there as a friend or foe. Dante sweet talks her, as she instructs him to take off his shirt. She then pulls out a knife.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Siobhan confides in Ethan.

Patrick tries to distract Robin.

Spinelli pursues his case.

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