In his Metro Court room, Jax rails at Carly for how things went down between them. She assures him she wants him to be part of Josslyn's life. She wants Josslyn to have the best of both of them. Jax doesn’t think Carly can give Joss the best of her considering who she hangs around. Jax can't believe she didn’t learn anything from Michael's shooting and fears she will be placing flowers on their daughter's grave one day. Jax becomes enraged as Alexis comes to the door. She tells her friend to calm down, but Jax angrily says he is a man with nothing left to lose. Alexis suggests Carly leave since nothing will get solved right now. Once Carly is gone, Jax tells Alexis he hates Carly for allowing Sonny to do this to him. Alexis doesn’t think anything is black and white and that his hatred is only hurting Josslyn.

In her hotel room, Brenda tells Sonny she is leaving him, but doing it for the right reasons. Sonny says he loves her and would never intentionally hurt her. She doesn’t want to leave him, but she needs truth in her life. She thinks he's sorry she figured out he framed Jax, but he's not sorry for what he actually did. Brenda knows it's always about him and Carly and he needs to do something about it. Sonny won't give up on her. She can't stay there and knows he would never leave the mob. She won't make him choose though because that's what love is. She will leave so he can stay with his kids. Despite it ending, Brenda says nothing can ever undo what's happened between them. He says it won't end like this and holds her. She cries and he leaves. Carly barges in and tells Brenda to take Sonny back or else she will take him back for herself. Brenda informs Carly she's already left him. Carly calls her pathetic and a wimp for running just because she's scared. She states that Sonny is better off without Brenda and exits.

Carly visits Sonny at home. They talk about Brenda and what he did to Jax. Since Sonny helped her, Carly lets him know she tried to help him by telling Brenda she would take Sonny back if Brenda didn't. Sonny tells her Brenda can't be tricked because she's really leaving. Carly wants him to have faith that Brenda will return to him. Brenda walks in and is dismayed to see them together.

At Elizabeth's, Siobhan, Lucky and Elizabeth engage in awkward chitchat. After Lucky goes to check on the boys, Siobhan tells Elizabeth to drop her act. Elizabeth throws her out when Siobhan accuses her of using her son's death to get to Lucky. Lucky returns and Elizabeth tells him she and Siobhan fought. She thinks Siobhan will ask him to choose between them. She adds that Lucky will be better off without Siobhan. Lucky doesn’t know if he wants to be without her though.

After Sam can't get any information about the rooftop dinner out of Jason, she leaves the penthouse to get ready. He tells her to wear whatever makes her feel beautiful. Jason calls Maxie over and tells her he's planning on proposing. Maxie shrieks in delight and then goes into planning mode. When she learns there's no ring, she tells him he is dead in the water. Maxie's makes some calls to shape up Jason's plan, as he gets changed. She instructs him to change into the blue shirt because the white doesn’t go with her color scheme. She asks if he has something prepared to say. Jason hesitates, so Maxie tells him to practice with her. A woman stops by with rings for Jason to choose from. Maxie offers her suggestions, but Jason finds one more simple and perfect for Sam. Maxie and the jewelry are blown away by the choice. After Jason changes into the blue shirt, Maxie heads to the balcony to show him the ring in natural light, but it slips off her finger and falls over the ledge.

Sam stops by Alexis' house to get her opinion on love. Alexis wonders what she's getting at. Sam stammers as she talks about Jason. Alexis assumes they are talking about marriage.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brenda leaves with surprising passengers on her jet.

Sam makes a decision.

Jax says goodbye to the kids.

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