Lucky makes Siobhan some food at home and then tells her he and Elizabeth want to start up their weekly family dinners again. He asks if it's cool with her. She reminds him she is his wife, not his jailer. She gets riled up though over Elizabeth screwing up in the O.R., her affair with Nikolas and her always being the damsel in distress. She asks if there is something more going on between him and Elizabeth than just their boys. Lucky assures Siobhan nothing has changed the way he feels about her. He tries to make it as clear as he can that he and Liz are not getting back together. However, he declares she's not an evil person and has no ulterior motives.

Lucky heads over to Elizabeth's. She tells him she sent Cam to a friend's because she didn't know how to answer when he asked how they can have a family dinner without Jake. She tears up as she says she really misses him. They move on to talking about Luke and Lucky says he wishes Lulu would give up her search and accept that Luke doesn't want to be part of their lives anymore. Liz asks if he has accepted it. He's trying. He just wants to be a good father to his boys and not let history repeat itself. The family sits down and Lucky and Liz teach Cam the tradition Emily started with their brownie toasts. Siobhan stops in on Elizabeth's invitation.

Sam and Jason debate Sonny's tactics at the penthouse after they read about Jax's arrest in the paper. Molly drops by and asks if her Uncle Sonny set up Jax so Carly would win custody. They try to delicately explain things to her and ultimately say it's complicated and that Jax and Carly's break up was rough. Molly thinks it's proof that love is a lie. She thinks if love was real it would last, but none of the relationships she's witnessed do. Jason tells her people make mistakes but it doesn’t mean they weren’t in love. He looks at Sam as he says love exists and she'll know it when she finds it. Sam offers that love doesn’t always happen the way it does in books. Molly always thought love was magical and worries it may never happen at all. Sam thinks searching for it can be the biggest mistake, but knows Molly will find it one day and it will bigger than anything she ever imagined. After Molly leaves, Jason asks Sam to have a picnic on the roof. She wonders what he's up to.

Sonny drops in on Carly at home. She appreciates what he did, but she doesn't want Jax to go to prison. Sonny says Jax played dirty and he lost, but he thinks Jax will be able to plead out. Sonny declares it's worth it if Carly gets her daughter. Carly wonders if it's worth it if he loses Brenda. Sonny doesn’t plan on that happening.

Brenda visits Jax in his office. She believes everyone will see that he was framed, but Jax knows his mug shot will be around forever. She is sorry this is happening and suggests they focus on Josslyn. Jax says it would help if she told the judge she thinks Sonny set him up. Brenda doesn't think that would prove anything.

Sonny and Carly enter the courthouse and run into Brenda and Jax. The foursome bicker until the judge calls Carly and Jax into his chambers. He orders Sonny and Brenda to wait outside because he won't be hearing any more testimony. Jax tries to defends himself regarding the drug bust. The judge reiterates that he won't hear any testimony today, but commends Carly for consistently trying to cooperate with the court and Jax. She states she wants joint custody, but the judge holds Jax's arrest against him He deems Jax to be a danger to Josslyn. Carly gets full custody. It's up to her when Jax can see their daughter, but only after he takes a drug test.

Carly stops by Jax's place to ask if they can compromise on Josslyn because she never wanted full custody.

Sonny goes to Brenda's Metro Court room. They debate the situation again and Sonny asks his wife to come home. Through tears she tells him he took away the only home she ever felt she had. Now she doesn’t have one.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason turns to Maxie for help.

Jax insults Carly.

Siobhan calls out Liz.

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