When Javier reveals that Dante isn't the closet ready to protect her, Lulu tries to run from the room in the bordello. Javier stops her and throws her on the bed. Lulu cries as she struggles against him. After Dante convinces Javier's man to cut him loose, he breaks into the room and beats up Javier. Dante holds his gun on Javier, who tells them Luke is meeting up with a woman named Helena. After Dante leads Javier away, he returns to comfort his shaken up girlfriend. She assures him she wasn't raped, thanks to him. She apologizes for ignoring the danger and for being so stubborn. She thinks Luke shouldn't have to return to the bordello, nor should anyone else. She asks for a lighter and says some places are meant to be burned to the ground.

At the house, Brenda tells Sonny she's leaving him. He reminds her there is no evidence implicating him in Jax's arrest and suggests Jax does in fact do drugs. She wants him to stop treating her like one of his stupid ex-wives. She recalls that he used to have boundaries. She brings up Stone, but Sonny doesn’t want to talk about him now. She is outraged because Stone contracted HIV from a woman who used drugs. After that he swore he wouldn't get involved in drugs, but now he's destroying Jax's life with them. She declares that he used to stand for something, but now he's ruining Jax's life for Carly. Sonny declares he loves her, but Brenda can't get past the fact that he is lying to her. Sonny wants a chance to fix it, but Brenda doesn’t want her son to think it's okay to destroy another person's life and then come home like everything is okay. She doesn’t want Alec to hurt or kill people. She won't be silent anymore, which means she has to go. She breaks down into tears as she heads upstairs. She returns with her luggage and says Alec is waiting for her in the car. She tells Sonny that she doesn't even like him anymore. He begs her not to run to Jax. She says she's not running to Jax; she's just walking away from him.

Michael enters the police station to pay a parking ticket and finds Jax in handcuffs. Jax explains what Sonny did to him. Jax asks him to get Carly to pay his bail in order to convince him she's not involved.

Ethan tries to get out of going to Vegas with Kristina outside of Kelly's as Carly and Jason approach them looking for Molly. After Jason and Carly leave, Kristina figures out where the kids are.

Kristina and Ethan bust in on Molly and Morgan at the pizza shack trying to write up a reconciliation contract for Jax and Carly. Kristina declares they need to get Joss back before Jax get wind of it.

Carly and Jason return home and find Michael, who tells them about Jax. He relays the message that if Carly bails Jax out, it will look good for her in court. The kids return home to a lecture about what they've done. Carly gets a call informing her the judge has made his decision about Josslyn. After Jax has been released, he drops by the house and confronts Carly about the set up. He doesn’t believe she had nothing to do with it, despite her insistence to the contrary.

Michael joins Kristina and Ethan at Kelly's and thanks his sister for finding the kids, who are now grounded. She asks him to return the favor by running interference with her mother when Ethan takes her to Vegas.

As Olivia and Steve have a beer at Jake's, she explains her relationship with Sonny. They discuss the custody suit and he says he subscribes to the first do no harm school of thought, while she subscribes to the mind your own business rule of the old neighborhood.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly confronts Sonny.

Jason and Sam counsel Molly over love.

The judge awards custody.

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