Dante questions one of the girls at the bordello about Lupe, but she's leaving town and is afraid to talk to him. All she says is no one crosses Javier and lives to tell about it.

Lulu admits to Javier in her hotel room she is Luke's daughter. She asks for his help in finding him. He says he will if she sleeps with him. Lulu isn't that desperate. He threatens if she doesn’t show up at his office by five o'clock he will call Luke and warn him about her. After Javier leaves, Dante enters and declares they have to leave. Lulu's not ready. She thinks she can make the situation work with Javier, but she needs his help. She want him to go to the office early and hide so he'll be there to watch over her. Dante doesn't like it, but Lulu promise to gives up on Luke if this doesn’t pan out. Dante reluctantly agrees to the plan.

Dante walks into the bordello and is grabbed by Javier's men. Dante reminds Javier killing a cop brings a serious sentence, but Javier informs him no one will ever find him. Javier then taunts him about being with Lulu. Dante goes crazy, but Javier's men restrain him.

Lulu heads up to Javier's office. She wants info on Luke, but he wants her please him first. He says if she's very good, he'll tell her everything she needs to know and kisses her.

Jason bursts into Sonny's office and asks Brenda if he can talk to Sonny alone. Brenda asks if it's about the custody hearing. Jason says he doesn't like what she did and they bicker. She leaves and Jason indicates he knows Sonny won't forgive Jax as easily as he did Brenda. Sonny says there's no reason to when he's already gotten even. Sonny say Jax may look squeaky clean, but he's not. Jason warns it will cause trouble for him with Brenda. Sonny will handle Brenda. Carly calls Jason for help. Kristina stops by after Jason has left. She wonders if they can to go to New York together. They make plans to go in August and she asks him for money to buy some dresses for all the places they'll be going. He laughs as he hands over the cash.

Morgan and Molly bring Josslyn to the old pizza shack that is closed. Morgan wonders how long he will have to stay there. Molly doesn’t know. It all depends on when Jax comes to his senses. Morgan wishes there was a way to convince his mom and Jax to get back together. Molly gets on the laptop and gets to work on furthering their plan.

Jason races over to Carly's and learns Morgan and Josslyn are gone. Carly gets an email from Anthony Zacchara, which says they have the baby, but no ransom is needed. She just needs to bring Jax to pick her up. Carly and Jason realize Michael and Molly are behind it.

Ethan runs into Johnny outside Kelly's. They talk about Kristina and Ethan says he's finally scared her off. Johnny knows better, but also wonders if Ethan returns Kristina's feelings. Ethan then meets with Kristina, who surprises him by saying she has decided to go to Vegas with him. She now has the money to buy some dresses for the trip and asks if he can get her a fake I.D.

Ronnie handcuffs Jax to the table in the interrogation room at the station. Jax doesn’t remember anything except that Grace drugged him. As Jax tries to make Ronnie understand what happened, it dawns on him that Sonny set him up. Jax pleads with Ronnie as a father to help him. Jax sees Grace in the squad room. He starts to cry as he implores her not to let Sonny take away his little girl. After Grace gives Ronnie her statement, Brenda enters and sees Jax in handcuffs. Brenda hears the story and Ronnie tells her and Jax they found drugs in Jax's suite. Brenda doesn't believe it and Jax continues to insist he was set up. Ronnie tells him the evidence is against him and no one else. Ronnie walks away and Brenda promises Jax she'll fix it.

Brenda returns to Sonny's office to ask if he set up Jax. Sonny says Jax deserved it if he's in trouble.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jax threatens Carly.

Lulu takes action.

Carly, Kristina and Ethan look for the kids.

Brenda announces she's leaving Sonny.

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