Dante tries to convince Lulu in her room to leave, believing their cover has been blown. Lulu thinks her cover is still intact and gets ready for her shift.

At the bordello, Javier angrily confronts Lupe about not telling him Dante is a cop. She tells him she was just looking out for him, but Javier can look out for himself. When Lulu shows up for work, she finds the place empty. Javier walks downstairs with a switchblade, saying one of his best girls died. Dante enters and Javier tells them Lupe slipped in the shower and broke her neck after getting drunk. He says they are closed so they should come back tomorrow. However, he needs Dante to stick around to keep an eye on things. Lulu goes back to the hotel.

Javier confronts Lulu in her hotel room with the knowledge that she is Luke's daughter.

Molly eavesdrops at the Lake House as Carly tells Alexis what happened at the hearing. Carly asks her to go to Jax as a friend and beg him to compromise. Alexis agrees to, but thinks it would be more realistic for Carly to worry about how she will make it work if Jax gets primary custody. Alexis suggests she cut ties with Sonny and Jason if Jax is awarded custody in order to prove she's working on keeping Josslyn safe. Carly wonders if she could cut ties with Sam if custody of Molly were on the line?

Sonny asks Olivia to his office to ask for her help with Jax. Olivia tells him it's not her fight and she won't get involved. Olivia leaves as Grace, the mediator, enters to discuss Sonny's blackmail terms.

Brenda visits Jax at his place. She wishes Jax would have left her out of his custody fight because she doesn’t think Sonny will forgive her for her testimony. Jax thinks Sonny is only upset when he's confronted with the truth. Jax has done everything he could to keep Josslyn safe. He hopes she will do the same for her child. Alexis stops by after Brenda has left. She tells him she would do the same thing Carly is doing if she were in the same position. Alexis thinks he is a better man than this and urges him to go for shared custody. Jax won't back off. Olivia is next to stop by. After some business talk, Jax tells her he and Josslyn will be traveling to Australia soon. Olivia doesn’t fight him on it, which Jax appreciates. Grace comes to the door as Olivia heads out. As they talk, Grace slips something in Jax's coffee. Jax starts to feel weird and accuses her of drugging him. She rips up her clothes and yells for help as she runs into the bathroom. She locks herself in and calls for help, as Jax pounds on the door demanding to know why she's doing this to him.

Carly drops in on Sonny at his office. He assures her Jax will not be taking Josslyn, but he can't give her specifics. Brenda enters. Carly angrily confronts her about her testimony and leaves. Sonny tells his wife he doesn't blame her for her testimony. He blames Jax for putting her in this position. Brenda wonders why he didn’t come home last night. He tells her he stayed in the apartment downtown because he was making business arrangements. She didn't know about the apartment and cries when she asks why he didn't take her calls. She knows something is going on and demands to know the truth. Sonny apologizes for not coming home and kisses her.

Ethan encounters Kristina at Kelly's who won't be fooled by his pretend flirting with Abby. She asks him to go horseback riding with her. An upset Molly enters looking for Morgan. She takes off when she doesn’t see him. After more chit chat, Ethan tells Kristina if she wants to spend time with him it will be on his terms. He invites her to Vegas for at least three nights. He maps out his plan to hustle some high stakes card players, which sounds out of her league. She nervously says she's still grounded, but she will get back to him. She makes a quick exit and Ethan says to himself, "That ought to do it."

Molly races over to Morgan's house and tells him that Jax will be taking Josslyn away any minute. Morgan says they can't let that happen. Molly thinks they need to scare Jax into seeing the value of a compromise. Molly gets on Morgan's laptop to plan. Later, Carly returns home and discovers that both Morgan and Josslyn are gone.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jax is arrested.

The kids hideout at the vacant pizza shack.

Dante is attacked.

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