Lupe tells Lulu at the bordello that Dante is a cop and that she saw his badge. Lulu offers to blackmail Dante into not busting them so that Javier never has to know. Meanwhile, Javier approaches Dante about his side business. He wants Dante to move some product for him.

Javier sneaks up to Lulu's room and overhears her telling Dante Lupe knows he's a cop.

Asher runs into Tracy at ELQ and tells her that Michael is working there. Tracy finds Michael kissing Abby in his office and erupts at him. Michael goes head to head with his great aunt. Edward enters and sides with Michael and Abby. He goes so far as to say they have a young genius on their hands when it comes to Michael. When Tracy makes disparaging remarks about Abby, Michael announces he will leave if it continues. Edward orders Tracy to put a stop to it because he won't lose his last remaining heir. Later, Tracy comes to Michael to tell him she knows he's in over his head and that he has no interest in ELQ. She urges him to quit before he does any real damage to the company. After Michael has left, Edward finds Tracy in the office. She tells him Anthony Zacchara wants to invest in their company. Edward thinks he must be off his medication. Tracy points out that hiring Michael sends out the message that they tolerate crime families. Once alone in Michael's office, Tracy snoops around until Monica walks in and catches her. She was hoping to visit with Michael to see how he was doing there. The women become catty with each other over their respective families until Tracy blurts out that Jake was Jason's son. Tracy tears up as she expresses her condolences. Monica can't believe she didn’t see it before and wonders why no one told her. Tracy points out they wanted to protect Jake from Jason's enemies. Tracy knows she was the wrong person to tell her this. Monica is just grateful she did. Tracy talks about Luke being gone and not knowing if he is dead or alive. She knows Monica doesn't care about that though. Monica doesn’t care about much right now. Monica recalls a time when she saw Jake with Elizabeth and cries as she leaves.

Anthony gets the upper hand on the Jackal on the pier. Jason shows up to find Anthony pointing the gun at him and diffuses the situation. Later, Anthony meets with Asher revealing that they are in cahoots. Anthony wants to use ELQ as a front and thinks Michael will be the ultimate bargaining chip.

Jason drags the Jackal to the P.I. office. When Jason still can't get through to Spinelli he hires him for a fake job. He makes up a story about wanting the Jackal to keep an eye on a bakery that he thinks is a front for a rival family's organization. Jason orders him not to make contact with them for any reason though. The Jackal says he's on it.

Back at the penthouse, Maxie asks Sam about the marriage issue. Sam admits she's scared marriage will ruin everything they have right now. Maxie notes that's why she didn’t marry Spinelli, but she wonders if it would have worked if she did. Jason returns after Maxie has left. In order to avoid the topic of marriage, he tells Sam he hired Spinelli for a fake job to keep him occupied and safe until they can figure out what to do next. Sam leaves and Maxie races back over. Jason tells her he's going to propose to Sam. He doesn’t know when, but he has to make sure he does it the right way.

Kristina confronts Ethan at Kelly's about Abby. She knows it's a bluff, but he tries to convince her otherwise. She knows he cares about her and that at some point he will give in to the inevitable.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny lays a trap for Jax.

Molly and Morgan plot.

Lupe faces danger.

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