Lucky brings Siobhan home from the hospital. They talk about the fire and Luke. Siobhan thinks grief is a terrible burden, but Lucky insists he is fine. Siobhan doesn't believe him. She assures him it's okay to admit that he might be reaching his breaking point. She suggests he go to therapy. He resists the idea. She presses him until he explodes at her to drop it. He apologizes for his outburst, but she thinks he just proved her point. He knows she's trying to help, but he doesn't want to do this right now. She suggests they go to the beach this weekend. Lucky tells her as long as he get a note from the doctor saying it's okay he'll take her. She assures him he'll get a note even if she has to write it herself. Lucky knew there was something he liked about her.

Dante eavesdrops as Javier comes to Lulu's door. Javier asks her to breakfast, but she tries to put him off. He walks in and Dante urgently sneaks up closer to her door. Lulu tells Javier all she is interested in is working for him. Nothing else. Javier threatens to fire her or call Luke to warn him she's asking about him unless she has breakfast with him. Lulu agrees.

Dante finds Lulu at the bordello and questions her about her breakfast with Javier. Lulu catches a customer's eye, but Javier tells him she's off limits. The customer throws Javier to the ground and goes after Lulu. Dante tackles him and pulls his gun. Once the man leaves, Javier notes Dante seemed very professional, as if he had done that before. Dante covers that he used to be a bouncer. Javier offers him a job. Dante accepts and Javier reminds him to keep his hands off Lulu.

Maxie bursts into Jason's place and tells him he can bring Spinelli back to normal by proposing to Sam. Jason doesn't think the two are connected in any way. Maxie reminds him Spinelli has wanted them married for years and maybe hearing they are engaged will bring him back. Not to mention, Jason and Sam will be able to live happily ever after.

The Jackal runs into the P.I. office and tells Sam they have to go after Anthony. Sam is concerned when Spinelli leaves for Jason's to get his gun back. Once the Jackal has left, Maxie bursts in to inform Sam she fixed it so Spinelli will return and that Jason will propose. Sam declares she and Jason won't get married even if it means saving Spinelli.

The Jackal stops by Jason's to pick up his gun. Jason say no way, but asks for the Jackal's thoughts on him and Sam getting engaged. The Jackal's personality remains intact as he tells Jason getting hitched is a bad idea. After the Jackal leaves, Sam enters ranting about Maxie's obsession with them getting married. Jason wants to forget about Maxie and asks how she feels about the idea. She wants to talk about anything else, but he knows she pretends not to want the things she really does. As if she fears it will be taken away. He asks her to trust him and to tell him what she wants. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him. He thinks they can have that. He loves her, but it's not enough to say the words anymore. He wants to prove it to her. Maxie interrupts them with news that Jackal has gone after Anthony with a gun.

Anthony finds Tracy exercising on the pier. He wants to invest in ELQ, but Tracy wants no part of his money. Anthony thinks they can get better acquainted anyway. Tracy continues to rebuff him, which turns Anthony on. Tracy orders him to get out of her way and leaves. Later, the Jackal pulls a gun on Anthony.

Abby brings Michael some reports in his office. He suggests they take a break, but she thinks he should scan the reports, which will make Edward happy. Edward enters. Asher follows to remind Edward of a conference call. Edward suggests Michael join them, much to Asher's dismay. Michael returns to the office and tells Abby he enjoyed the conference call more than he expected. Edward and Asher return as well as Asher asks Edward about the deal. Edward asks for Michael's advice. Michael says he wouldn’t pay what they are asking. Edward agrees and gets a better deal. Asher warns Michael to be careful what he tells Edward. Because if he makes a mistake, he could do some real damage.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lupe warns Lulu about Dante.

Jason asks Maxie for help.

Asher has an agenda.

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