Siobhan insists to a doubtful Lucky in her hospital room that Elizabeth tried to kill her. It breaks her heart how Lucky continues to defend Liz. She believes he can't see her other than the victim he rescued when they were teens. Lucky admits their relationship became dysfunctional, but he doesn't think Elizabeth tried to kill her. He asks her to think about what this will do to the kids and pleads with her to let it go. She knows he is grieving but she thinks Liz is preying on his grief. Lucky thinks all Siobhan is doing is forcing him to defend Elizabeth, the woman she wants him away from. Siobhan eventually agrees to drop the suit.

Steve finds Elizabeth in the hospital hallway. She admits she was eavesdropping on Lucky and Siobhan and that it hurt to hear him tell his new wife that they were dysfunctional and not meant to be.

Patrick approaches Robin at the hospital incensed that she is giving him such rinky-dink cases. She declares that she assigns the cases as she sees fit and he's not the only one who deserves high profile, complicated surgeries. They quibble and Robin accuses him of being afraid of competition. He insists he's not. She says, "Good. Because you're going to get it." Lucky finds Patrick alone and tells him Siobhan is dropping the suit. Patrick is happy to hear it and thinks they can all move on now. Lucky responds that when you lose a kid there is no moving on. Patrick talks about Aiden and is hopeful Lucky and Liz can raise him together without the lawsuit hanging over them.

Robin stops by Elizabeth's to give her a box of Emma's hand me downs. Robin also informs her friend that she is the interim Chief of Staff and explains how it's ruffled Patrick's feathers. Robin supports Elizabeth in regards to Siobhan. Liz appreciates it and then admits she wants Lucky to be happy, but she wishes he could be happy with her. She is embarrassed that she admitted that pointing out Lucky is a married man. Robin knows she will always love Lucky and that Lucky will always love her. After Robin leaves, Lucky drops by with the good news about the lawsuit. He also notes that he is still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that Aiden is his son. Elizabeth calls it a miracle. Lucky tells her he promised Siobhan he would be there for her. Liz wouldn't expect anything else.

Robin returns to the hospital and learns from Patrick that Siobhan dropped the lawsuit. He thinks Steve will be reinstated now, but she wants the chance to make the changes she thinks are needed. Patrick thinks she likes the idea of the job, but isn't thinking about the aspects that made Steve miserable. Robin thinks he's trying to run her off, but assures him she will be fair with the cases. However, he will have to learn to share.

Brenda is questioned about the recent shooting on her and Alec during the hearing. She insists they weren't in any real danger and that Sonny doesn't pose a threat to Carly and Josslyn. Sonny is next in the hot seat, but Carly interrupts when the judge questions him. She appeals to the judge for joint custody, but Jax makes a case for why he doesn't want it. The judge has heard enough to make his evaluation.

Out in the court hallway, Brenda tells Jason about her testimony. Jason reminds her that the shooting was never reported so no one had to know. He wonders if she is just trying to get back at Carly. Carly, Jax and Sonny exit the judge's chambers. Jax stalks off as Carly assumes the mediator had it out for her from the start. Carly agrees with Sonny that Jax paid her off. Sonny vows to make it right. Alone in the hallway, Sonny gets information from Bernie over the phone and then stops the mediator, Grace, as she walks by. He accuses her of taking bribes from Jax. When she denies it, he tells her he has proof that she did. He threatens to turn her in and she admits that she needed the money, but she doesn't want her life destroyed. She wonders what he wants.

Jax finds Brenda in his office. They discuss the hearing and her testimony. Jax just wants to keep Josslyn out of danger. He wishes he could do the same for Brenda and Alec.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lupe sees Dante's badge.

Maxie continues to meddle.

Michael gives Edward good business advice.

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