At home, Sonny and Brenda discuss what they are going to say in court. It turns into an argument about Carly and Jax. Sonny asks Brenda to ride with him to the courthouse, but she needs some time alone to think. She would lie to anyone to protect him, but she can't put any of the kids at risk. She feels that Jax has a right to be worried about his daughter. Sonny insists that Carly loves her kids and wonders how Brenda would feel if someone wanted to take Alec from her because of him.

Carly bumps into the mediator at the court and apologizes for what went down yesterday. As she appeals to her, Jax walks up. The mediator informs them she has all the information she needs to make her decision. She walks away as Jax and Carly bicker. Brenda and Sonny show up separately. Jax points out how Carly and Sonny have gravitated towards each other while he and Brenda are together on the other side of the hallway. After the hearing has started, Kristina shows up and tells her father she wants to tell the judge Josslyn is not in danger from him. Sonny appreciates the support, but knows her past with the car bomb will come up which will hurt instead of help.

Jax and Carly head inside to meet with the judge. The mediator, Ms. Yang, tells the judge that Carly is volatile. She also touches on Sonny's violent world and says Michael is a convicted felon with severe emotional problems. It's her belief that Josslyn is in severe physical and emotional jeopardy when she is in Carly's home. She recommends that Jax be granted sole custody. Brenda is next to testify and talks up Jax, but hesitates when she is asked if Josslyn is in danger around Sonny. After more questioning, Brenda thinks the Judge has referred to the recent shooting. She says no one was hurt and they are lucky to be alive.

Elizabeth enters Siobhan's hospital room to appeal to her to drop her malpractice suit. Siobhan blames her and will see that she pays for what she did.

Lucky returns home with Aiden and Cam from a camping trip. He tells Cam that Aiden is his son because they share the same DNA. Cam asks his father if they have the same DNA too. Lucky tells him no, but because the man who does share his DNA died, he got to be his dad. He tells Cam he is his first-born and that he loves him. Elizabeth stops by after the boys have gone to sleep. He tells her camping is a family tradition he wants to carry on with Cam and Aiden. He adds that he told Cam that he is Aiden's real father. Liz in turn tells him Siobhan thinks she tried to kill her and is filing a malpractice suit. Lucky thinks it's ridiculous and offers to talk to her.

Lucky visits Siobhan in the hospital. He asks her to let her suit go for his sake. Siobhan tells him she can't do that. Elizabeth eavesdrops as Siobhan tells her husband that Liz has been jealous of them from the start. She thinks Liz saw her opportunity to get rid of her in the O.R. Lucky knows that 's not who Liz is.

Steve meets with Patrick, Robin and Matt in the lobby of the hospital. He tells them Siobhan is going ahead with the suit. She named all of them except Matt. Steve worries her suit has merit due to all the mistakes Liz has made. Robin thinks they are all at fault. Steve states that all the problems took place on his watch so he's resigning as chief of staff. Alone, Patrick tells Robin they need something to look forward to after all they've been through lately. He tells her he got them tickets for a Sade concert. Even though she's not on her play list, Robin says she'd love to go. Steve returns and tells them he didn't get the chance to resign because the board suspended him as chief. However, he'll be working in the E.R. He has named Robin as his interim replacement. Patrick's jaw is set on edge when he hears the news. He wonders why Steve picked Robin over him. Steve knows Patrick is brilliant in the OR, but his people skills leave something to be desired. Robin asks, how would be able to run the place when people want to kill him? He retorts, "I guess we're about to find out." Matt joins the conversation and enjoys needling his brother. Steve leaves Robin to assign cases. Patrick is unhappy with the one she gives him, but ultimately says he will do it. She smiles as she corrects him: "I will do this – Chief."

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly appeals to the judge.

Lucky takes responsibility for Siobhan's situation.

Patrick tries to deal with his new boss.

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