Sonny bursts in Jax's office to rail at his nemesis, as Carly continues her own tirade in front of the court appointed mediator. The woman leaves and Carly tells her ex-husband his timing could have been better. Sonny doesn't think it matters because Jax probably paid her off. Jax denies it, but speculates Sonny's tantrum just got him custody of Josslyn. Carly spits out that she hates Jax and leaves. The men argue, ending with Sonny threatening Jax.

Carly hightails it over to Alexis' house. Carly appeals to her as a mother, saying as long as she represents Jax, he won't stop. She doesn't need Alexis to side with her, just not against her.

Alexis visits Jax in his office. He tells her how Sonny and Carly helped his case today in front of the mediator. She doesn't think any of this is fair to Josslyn or her mother, so she's taking herself off his case. He thinks he can fix everything with her help once it's all over, but she can't do it anymore. He accepts her resignation, noting he still loves her.

After Johnny and Anthony argue about their war with Sonny, Johnny storms out of his place. Anthony calls someone and tells them it goes down as planned.

Someone shoots at Brenda and Alec as they sit in their limo on the side of the road.

Jason and Sam continue to talk about their relationship at the penthouse. Jason just wants her to be happy. She says she is, but he asks how she feels about marriage. She says she's afraid due to her past of conning men into wedlock. He has bad associations with marriage as well, so she wonders why they would want to risk that.

A shaken Brenda and Alec return home. Sonny tries to comfort her and then once alone with Jason, says they know who sent this message. Now, they have to send one back. Jason leaves and Brenda returns downstairs. Sonny is sorry she has to feel any kind of fear, but he knows she was never in any real danger tonight. She isn't comforted by that. Sonny asks her not to bring this up at the hearing, promising he'll take care of it.

Johnny returns home to find his father in a scarily good mood. Johnny is concerned, but Anthony just says he sent a strong message to Sonny. Johnny is upset he went after the women and children, but Anthony reminds his son he just warned him against killing them. All Anthony did was stir the pot.

Carly visits Jason at home and finds Jason preparing his sharpshooter. She learns about the shooting and wonders if Jax is right and that Josslyn is in danger because of her. She urges him not to take action until after the hearing.

Sam confronts Maxie at Kelly's about putting the idea of marriage in Jason's head. Maxie just takes it as a good sign and gets ahead of herself by talking about wedding gowns and babies. Sam wants her to stop it, but Maxie says she needs to put them all out of their misery and marry Jason already.

Kristina lures Ethan to the pier. He angrily tells her that her crush isn't reciprocated. He reminds her the dangers they face with Anthony and of what happened last year when she flaunted Johnny in Sonny's face. He thinks she is too young for him, which she continues to prove with all her stupid stunts. Kristina won't live her life in fear or live by Sonny's rules. Ethan worries about Anthony because he wants to dismantle Sonny and hurting or killing her will accomplish that. She suggests she just leave town and go to college in California. Ethan thinks it could be a good idea. She wonders if he would miss her. He responds that regardless of the danger, she is ultimately too emotionally young for him. He is not the man for her and he is interested in someone else. She doesn't buy any of his arguments. She thinks he is just pushing her away because he thinks he is bad for her. He retorts that he needs a woman, not a petulant little girl. She calls him a bad liar and walks off.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brenda testifies.

Liz asks for Lucky's help.

Steve names his replacement.

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