Elizabeth visits Siobhan in her hospital room and admits she made the mistake that almost killed her. Siobhan didn't even know Liz was in the O.R. and asks for details. Liz explains and says she is glad she will be okay. Siobhan had no idea she was so close to dying.

Steve tells Patrick, Robin and Matt at the hub that all of them have to make a full disclosure to the board about Elizabeth. Patrick is incensed calling it a witch-hunt. Steve appreciates their loyalty to his sister, but says it's not on them to protect Liz from the board. Steve walks away and Robin admits to Patrick she has been covering for Elizabeth. Elizabeth joins the group and explains she told Siobhan what happened. She also apologizes to her peers for being so unprofessional. Later, Steve tells his sister the board decided to suspend her for three months. Once she returns, she won't be able to assist in the O.R. for another six. Steve adds he got two months probation. As they all express relief over the decision, Siobhan approaches. She accuses Elizabeth of trying to off her in order to have a clear path to Lucky. Siobhan declares she is suing all of them for malpractice.

Shawn enters Jax's office to tell him he won't testify at Josslyn's hearing and warns that karma will come back to bite Jax in the ass.

Alexis calls Jax to the lake house to discuss his case. Alexis feels Jax just wants to hurt Carly because she hurt him. Jax denies it, but Alexis points out they don't need Michael and Morgan to testify. She worried about him and warns him not to lose sight of what's best for his daughter.

Carly enters Jason's place to warn him Jax will use Jake against him during the custody case. She can't believe Jax is hurting so many people and worries the court will side with Jax. As Jason tries to reassure her, Carly orders him to never let her get married again. After Carly has left, Sam arrives with bagels and coffee. They talk about Carly and Jax's marriage and the resentment that's built up between them. Jason points out they are not like Carly and Jax. They discuss marriage in general and Sam says she doesn't need a piece of paper to prove she loves him. She accepts him and likes her life the way it is.

Carly runs into Shawn at Kelly's. He tells her he's been called as a witness for Jax. Carly is sorry Jax is doing this. Sometimes she just wants to give up due to what the case is doing to everyone, but she won't just be a visitor in her daughter's life.

Carly races over to Jax's office to confront him about Shawn. She finds him with the mediator, who questions Carly. When the woman starts to ask about Michael and his anger issues, Carly gets defensive. She wonders how Jax could do this to Josslyn and her brothers. She calls him a sorry son of a bitch.

Abby finds Ethan at Kelly's. They talk about how awkward it was to flirt with each other in front of Kristina. He talks about the differences between him and Kristina and states if she doesn’t back off, Sonny will kill him. He doesn’t want to hurt her though. Kristina walks in and sees Ethan and Abby holding hands across the table. Kristina walks over to them and Ethan talks up what a big fan he was of Abby's at Vaughan's. Kristina gets annoyed by their flirting and leaves.

Kristina stops by Michael's office to tell him Abby was at Kelly's hanging all over Ethan. Michael downplays it, but Kristina warns him that Abby is stringing him along for the money. She thinks Ethan is the one Abby wants, but declares she won't get him. Abby enters as Michael hopes this is a wake up call for Kristina where Ethan is concerned. Kristina goes off on Abby and badmouths her to Michael before leaving. Michael worries this will backfire on them because there's no telling what his sister will do when she's this upset.

Ethan visits Johnny at his place to tell him Anthony threatened Kristina. Johnny is unfazed and tells Ethan he is overreacting when he shows concern. Anthony walks in and Ethan threatens him away from Kristina and leaves. Johnny doesn’t like the way his father was talking to Kristina. Anthony chuckles that was just a start. Johnny warns his father to leave the women and kids out of their war with Sonny. Anthony declares his target isn't the kids, but Sonny's blushing bride. Johnny thinks his plan is inspiring, but he has one condition.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny busts in on the mediation.

Brenda and Alec come under gunfire.

Alexis resigns.

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