When Javier tells Dante at the bordello that Lulu doesn't sleep with the customers, Dante asks to take a look at the other blondes. Lulu eventually agrees to go upstairs with Dante, where she yells at him for compromising her undercover mission. Dante wants her out of there, but she won't leave until she has a lead on Luke. She can't believe Luke grew up in this place. She has so much more respect for him now. Dante says she can't fix Luke and pleads with her to go home with him if she doesn't hear anything about Luke by the end of her shift. She promises.

Dante and Lulu return downstairs as Javier gets a call from Luke about their deal. Lulu gets to work with the customers as Javier orders Lupe to show Dante out. Lulu starts to leave, but Javier tells her she better be there when he gets back. He leaves the room and Lupe tells Lulu that Luke called Javier.

As Kristina texts Ethan outside, Anthony taunts her about the crimes perpetrated against his family by hers. Ethan pulls Anthony away as he continues to threaten her. After some words, Anthony leaves. Kristina embraces Ethan and thanks him for saving her. She thinks they have a special connection because she was just texting him. He tells her she's reading too much into it. She knows he thinks she's too young, but she will prove him wrong. He hails a cab for her and sends her home. She complies, but thinks she'll be on his mind the rest of the night.

Carly finds a bored Michael in his office with Edward and Abby. She says this is clearly not the job for her son. After Edward subtly threatens Abby's job, Michael says he is grateful for the opportunity and will work hard at it. He and Abby leave and Carly says she won't let Edward take her son. Edward doesn't think she has a choice. He explains that he had to bring Michael back because he's lost most of the rest of his family. Carly reminds him Ned, Dillon and other Wards are still out there. Edward thinks Michael is smart and is suited to this. He then threatens that she's already lost Michael and if she's not careful, she could lose Josslyn too.

Ethan runs into Kelly's and finds Michael and Abby. He tells them what just happened with Kristina. He desperately asks Michael to convince his sister that they aren't right for each other. Michael knows he can't change Krissy's mind on anything. Abby suggests he find someone to flaunt in front of Kristina to prove that he's seeing someone else. Considering he's freshly divorced, he doesn’t know who to ask. Abby offers her services, but Michael isn't thrilled with the idea. After more thought, Michael agrees to the plan as Kristina walks in. Ethan lays it on thick with Abby in front of Krissy.

The Jackal P.I. bursts into Sonny's house when he thinks Maxie and Sonny are doing more than just adjusting Sonny's collar. Maxie tries to diffuse the situation until Brenda walks downstairs. She asks what's wrong with Spinelli, noting his change in demeanor. Maxie gets defensive, which turns the Jackal on. Sonny orders them out of his house and Maxie pushes her former non-husband out. Later, Sonny summons Alexis to order her to resign as Jax's counsel in the custody suit. She refuses and they debate the issue. Sonny urges her not to let Jax take Carly's daughter away. After their meeting, Carly barges in as Sonny and Brenda pop champagne. Carly tells an angry Sonny Jax wants to call their sons to testify.

Maxie and the Jackal go to the pier where he kisses her. She pulls away insisting she's with Matt. Maxie tries to get through to the real Spinelli, as Anthony approaches. Jackal confronts Anthony, who manhandles and threatens him. After Anthony leaves, Maxie demands that this stop right now. The Jackal says he has a score to settle.

On the pier, Steve explains to Olivia how Elizabeth gave Siobhan the wrong meds during surgery. He blames himself for sending his sister in before she was ready. He calls it his failure, not Elizabeth's. She suggests he admit to screwing up by acting like a big brother and take the consequences, but Steve says he's going to offer to resign. She tells him it's stupid to trash his whole career over this. She wants him to learn from the mistake and move on. She then offers to cook him dinner and they head to her place.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly loses her temper in front of the mediator.

Elizabeth confesses to Siobhan.

Kristina vents to Michael.

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