When Sonny throws Spinelli's glass out of his hand at the house, the Jackal pulls a gun on him. Sonny orders him to jump on his computer and find his money, as he rips the gun out of Spin's hand. The Jackal tells Sonny he doesn't do computers. He also claims that getting shot has released the real him. Sonny goes off, demanding that one of them – Spin or The Jackal – get his money back.

As Jason tries to share his insight into Spinelli at the penthouse, Maxie has a realization. She thinks he actually has a soul and needs to be all he can be. She suggests he ask Sam to marry him. Jason tries to avoid the topic, but is surprised when Maxie tells him Sam wants to get married. Sonny calls Jason to tell him if Spinelli doesn’t find his money, he will have Max and Milo take him to the Pine Barrens.

Jason shows up at Sonny's and learns the Jackal pulled a gun on Sonny. Sonny wants his money back, but Jackal can't help the "Sonster." Sonny wants him out, so Jason leads Spin away. Maxie storms in demanding to know if Spinelli is safe. Sonny tells her he's not there. She wants his word that he won't harm Spinelli no matter what he does. He tells her if she is concerned about Spin's well being, then she will make sure he gets his 20 million dollars back.

Jason brings the Jackal to the penthouse where they update Sam on what's going on. After Spinelli has left, Sam admits this is way worse than she thought. Jason asks Sam if she thinks Maxie brings up good points. He wonders if Maxie is right and Sam is afraid to ask for something. Jason rambles on about what Maxie said and Sam realizes Jason is talking about marriage.

The Jackal returns to Sonny's and lurks outside as Sonny urges Maxie to find a way to jog Spinelli's memory. She notices Sonny's collar is askew and fixes it as the Jackal watches from outside.

Matt tells Elizabeth at the hospital that she gave Siobhan the wrong meds, which compromised her surgery. Elizabeth can't believe she almost killed Siobhan. Matt warns there will be an inquiry. He doesn't think this is all her fault though, placing some blame on Steven for letting her come back to work too soon.

At Elizabeth's house, Lucky demands Helena give Aiden to him. After some banter, Helena complies. As Lucky takes Aiden upstairs, he orders Helena to leave. Lucky returns to find Helena still there. Helena taunts Lucky about not really being Aiden's father. Lucky won't let her get to him. She further taunts that in twenty years Lucky will truly know who Aiden is depending of whether or not he turns out to be a regal, sophisticated young man or a drunken bore. But only if he's lucky enough to have Aiden for that long. After Helena has left, Elizabeth returns and tells Lucky she almost killed his wife. She explains what happened, but Lucky knows she just made a mistake. Elizabeth worries people will think she did this on purpose because Siobhan is his wife.

Robin and Patrick eat ice cream on the pier and discuss Elizabeth's predicament. They both blame themselves for what happened. Robin feels she should have pressed harder to keep Liz out of the O.R., while Patrick thinks he should have listened to her. They move on to talking about Jake. Patrick admits he goes over Jake's file to spur him on to do better next time. Robin reminds him it was a miracle Jake stayed alive for as long as he did. Patrick wonders if he is as good as his father when he was at his best. She wonders if he is worried he'll get scared over another patient like Jake.

Dante breaks into Lulu's room. He notes her skimpy work uniform is pretty sexy, but thinks it's a bad idea for her to go to the brothel. Dante wants Lulu to accept the fact that Luke is gone. Lulu thinks she can do whatever she wants in an effort to have a relationship with her father.

Lulu is late to her shift at the bordello, much to Javier's displeasure. Dante enters and talks with Lupe. Javier tells Lulu to get a drink order from Dante so she can get a sense of what he and Lupe are talking about. Lulu heads over and Dante offers to pay her for her time. Lulu tells him she just serves drinks. Javier walks over to see if there is a problem. Dante insists there's no problem and offers to pay double for Lulu.

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