Nikolas tells Aiden at Liz's house that he will always love him and hands him to Lucky. Nikolas says goodbye to Aiden as Elizabeth puts him down for a nap. Once alone with his brother, Lucky expresses his gratitude. Nikolas explains that just because he handed Aiden over to him doesn't mean he's not the boy's father. Lucky is confused, so Nikolas reminds him Elizabeth hasn't exactly been honest lately, so he could be the biological father. Nikolas notes he could have ran and stayed hidden for years, but after visiting Emily's grave, he realized he didn’t want to start the Cassadine/Spencer war all over again. It wasn't worth it, especially if it would cost him his brother. Nikolas announces he is leaving Port Charles for good because there are too many memories there. Elizabeth returns and says she wants him to remain part of Aiden's life. Nikolas admits Aiden isn't the only reason he is leaving. Emily's death had a profound effect on his life. He's been looking for a substitute for her to make him happy again, but all he's done is hurt the people he cares about the most. Elizabeth gets paged to the hospital and asks when will they see Nikolas again. He simply says, "Take care of yourself." Elizabeth leaves and Lucky declares, "I'm not saying goodbye," and asks why he's leaving. Nikolas is tired and exhausted by all the drama over the years. Lucky isn't buying it and accuses him of running away. Nikolas wonders why he would even want him to stay. Lucky wants him in his and his children's lives. They are brothers and he loves him. He is one of the only true friends he has ever had. Nikolas can't believe he can say those things after everything he has done to him. Lucky says Nikolas isn't the villain he thinks he is and he is releasing him of that. Nikolas admits he thought he loved Elizabeth and had a grand vision in his head of the American dream with the white picket fence, but he realized it wasn't his dream. It was just another substitute for what he can never have again. Lucky says he will miss him and hugs his brother. Nikolas returns the sentiment. Before Nikolas exits, Lucky says something has always bothered him. He asks why Nikolas never had an accent considering he grew up in Russia and Greece and only came to America as a teen to help Lulu. Nikolas dons a thick accent and says, "Who says I haven't been using one the whole time." Lucky chuckles and Nikolas walks out the door.

As Nikolas and Spencer board the plane, Helena appears.

After Lucky runs out for a few things, he returns to Elizabeth's house and finds Helena with Aiden.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick try to figure out who messed up during Siobhan's surgery. They call Matt down and tell him he is in the clear for the mistake, but ask about what happened in the O.R. Elizabeth shows up and Patrick and Matt walk away to discuss it, as Liz tells Robin Nikolas isn't fighting for Aiden and that he's leaving town. Robin then tells Elizabeth they are investigating Siobhan's surgery. Later, Matt finds Elizabeth and tells her she was the one who made the mistake in Siobhan's surgery.

Sonny and Brenda argue at the house about her subpoena for Josslyn's custody case. Brenda becomes irate when Sonny continues to defend Carly. She wants him to support her, not Carly, and orders him to make his choice. They argue some more and Sonny wonders what Brenda will say on the stand. Brenda responds that she will say he promised he would keep them safe.

Jason asks why Spinelli left the hospital so soon in the P.I.'s office. The Jackal tells him he couldn’t watch Maxie with Matt and if she wants him, she knows where to find him. After Jason leaves, a worried Maxie enters to take Spinelli back to the E.R. The Jackal just kisses her.

Sonny stops by Jason's place to tell him Jax has listed Brenda as a witness. Sonny thinks Jax won't be satisfied until his marriage blows up just like his did. He then tells Jason he vowed to Carly he would take care of Jax. Sonny leaves and Maxie comes by to tell Jason how worried she is about Spinelli. Maxie thinks they need to keep Spinelli busy on a case until he works out his internal fantasy.

Sonny summons Spinelli to his house to discuss the $20 million he can't access. The Jackal takes the drink out of Sonny's hand and says they will discuss Sonny's money as soon as they discuss his payment…and it will cost him. Annoyed by Spinelli's new persona, Sonny retorts that it will cost him.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Helena taunts Lucky.

Dante urges Lulu to give up her search for Luke.

Sam wonders if Jason is proposing.

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