After Ronnie confronts Dante about covering up Lucky's involvement in the fire, Lulu finds her family house burnt to the ground. Lulu thinks maybe it's best that it happened. She then races off when she learns about Siobhan. Ronnie returns to tell Dante they know it's arson and suggests he not risk his badge to protect Lucky.

Lulu boards the Haunted Star and finds Tracy. She fills her in on Lucky, Siobhan and the house. Tracy was hoping the fire meant Luke was home. Lulu thinks everyone is at a breaking point and worries that Lucky will dive head first into oblivion. Tracy notes that would be tragic, but if that happens, it won't be her job to save him. Lulu thinks otherwise and they launch into a debate about her codependency issues. Later, Dante enters and finds a note from Lulu, who left to find Luke. Dante wants to go after her, but Tracy doesn’t think she wants to be found.

Lulu calls Lucky from a plane on the way to Florida. She leaves a message, promising things will be better once she gets back.

Upon waking up in the hospital, Siobhan tells Lucky he is Aiden's father. He says he already knows. Siobhan explains that he didn't feel like it was her secret to tell and adds that Maxie knows as well. Lucky takes it all in stride. Siobhan wonders if he wants to rethink all the promises he made her now that he and Elizabeth share another child. He insists nothing will change between them. He tells her he almost took a drink tonight, but Elizabeth stopped him with the news about Aiden. She has all the faith in the world that he would recover from falling off the wagon. Lucky doesn't ever want Aiden to look at him like he looks at Luke. He worries his son will follow in the addiction and "romance of self destruction" that is the throughline of his family. Siobhan knows Lucky will be there for Aiden if he should fall to show him that he can stand up and do better.

Nikolas finds Elizabeth waiting for him at Wyndemere. As he rattles on about the fire, Elizabeth interrupts him. She tells him she's sorry, but Aiden isn't his son. He's Lucky's. She explains why she didn't tell him sooner and why she eventually told Lucky. Nikolas stoically assumes she lied in order to keep Lucky sober. She denies it, but he thinks there is no one better than a nurse to fake a paternity test. She tells him Aiden is Lucky's son, but Nikolas retorts, "Aiden is my son!" He thinks she would do anything for Lucky, including giving her son to him. He makes it clear that there is no way in hell he will allow that. He orders her to retract her statement to Lucky and to never mention it again.

Anthony joins Brenda and Alec at Kelly's. He indicates he was following them during their trip to the aquarium. He makes veiled threats and leaves.

Max tries to keep the peace at the house as Sonny and Diane argue about him adopting Alec. She won't be a party to making him a father again and she already told Brenda that. Sonny warns that unless she stays out of his personal life, he will fire her. Brenda returns with Alec, who tells Sonny, "Anthony says hello." Max takes Alec upstairs as Brenda relays that Anthony indicated they are being watched at all times.

Anthony returns home to find Sonny and Max waiting for him. Sonny makes threats against Johnny if Anthony ever goes near his family again.

Maxie is unnerved when Spinelli speaks as his Jackal P.I. persona in the hospital. His memory is intact, but he continues to talk like an old school gumshoe. Matt joins them as they talk about what happened with Lisa. Matt thanks Spinelli for saving Maxie's life and then goes into the hallway to talk with the dame. Matt assures her Spinelli is healthy and that he'll be okay. Matt leaves to do rounds and Maxie returns to Spinelli. Diane races in to check on her co-author, who calls her Cookie.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason and Sam are worried about Spinelli.

Michael gets multiple job offers for the summer.

Alexis and Sonny disagree on how to punish Kristina.

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