Lisa loads her gun in the closet of General Hospital. She also prepares a syringe with a toxic substance. She returns to the hospital lobby and hovers, surprisingly unnoticed, while waiting to make her move.

In the hospital lobby, Spinelli freaks out to Patrick and Robin over Sam's possible fragile condition, but she wants everyone to relax. They escort her away for tests.

Liz talks about Lucky at Jason's apartment. Jason believes she is also concerned for Luke and becomes angry that she is so forgiving because he killed their son. Liz admits that Luke has never judged her for any of her actions, such as sleeping with Nikolas. Jason levels and suggests Liz is the only one who can save Lucky. He wishes he could help her, but Liz knows it is on her to reach out. She gets a call from the hospital and leaves.

Lucky and Dante hear screaming at the burning Spencer house and rush to rescue them. Lucky sees Siobhan's purse and realizes she is in the house. The police duo retrieve her and rush to the hospital.

Maxie sees Spinelli at the hospital and notices his distress. She offers to help, but Spinelli thinks it was his fault Sam is in pain because he sneezed and blew their cover. Maxie doesn't think her cramping is a direct result of his accident.

Robin tucks Sam away into a hospital bed. Sam thinks their precautions are ridiculous. Robin wants the facts, but Sam doesn't believe she is actually pregnant. Robin orders a pregnancy test. Spinelli bursts in to fluff her pillow and Maxie apologizes for how over involved he is. Maxie tries to calm him, and he offers to go get her a smoothie. Maxie and Spinelli leave together. Sam calls Jason and informs him she is in the hospital. She tries to downplay her cramping and admits they are running a pregnancy test. Nikolas, who happened to be at the hospital, interrupts the call to check on her. Sam admits that she is glad he is there with her over Spinelli because he is overbearing about her having a baby. Nikolas points out that there is never a good time for a baby and his sons are the light of his life.

Dante and Lucky arrive at the hospital with Siobhan. Dante gets an angry call from Mac, who orders him back to the burning house. Matt takes Lucky's signature to operate on Siobhan. While waiting in a prep room, Lucky apologizes to a sleeping Siobhan for not being able to love her the way she deserves. He doesn't understand why she cares for him so much, but begs her to fight and promises he will be waiting.

Patrick and Robin chat at the nurses station about Sam's possible pregnancy. Patrick smiles that Emma is the best thing that ever happened to him. As Steve talks with Lucky about Liz nearby and Maxie and Spinelli return with smoothies, Lisa approaches the center of the lobby, raises her gun and fires it. She asks the scared crowd for their attention. She notices Lucky reach for his gun and orders him to kick it her way and tells the crowd she needs closure. Steve puts the hospital under lockdown, angering Lisa. She orders Steve, Patrick, Robin and Maxie into the conference room, while forcing Lucky and Spinelli on the elevator.

Liz arrives back at the hospital and Steve assigns her to help Matt in the OR. She is surprised when she enters and discovers Siobhan is the patient. The surgery is compromised when the hospital goes into lockdown. They continue to operate and Liz second guesses herself before injecting Siobhan.

Dante goes back to the burning house and informs Mac that Siobhan was inside. Mac knows Dante is protecting his girlfriend's father. Mac rants that Luke is a menace. They leave after Mac gets a call that the hospital is in lockdown.

Spinelli and Lucky return to the hospital lobby. Spinelli tries to reverse the lockdown so the police can enter. Mac, Dante and Jason are congregated outside and Lucky fills them in over the phone. Lucky turns and realizes that Spinelli has taken off.

In the conference room, a crazy Lisa smiles that they are going to have a ton of fun. She tells them they are on trial and they will have to stand up and tell her why they were each so terrible to her. Lisa charges Steve with raging hypocrisy and stupidity. She tells an incredulous Maxie she is an airhead, liar, and badmouthed her. Lisa then charges Robin with being boring, self-righteous and delusional. Lisa purrs that the sex with Patrick was completely mutual and he seduced her. She turns to Patrick that he is the biggest offender of all for making her think he loved her. Maxie yells at Lisa to get therapy because she is not the first woman to get dumped. Maxie refuses to apologize. Lisa aims her gun at Maxie, but Spinelli falls from the ceiling to save her. He calmly tries to get Lisa to stop, while Maxie gets in Lisa's face and tells her she is pathetic. Lisa raises her gun and fires, but Spinelli jumps in front of Maxie to take the bullet and falls to the floor.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lucky, Jason, Dante and Mac work together to lift the lockdown.

Another accident for Elizabeth.

Lucky spins out of control.

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