Anthony arrives at Lisa's with a dress to hug her in all the right places. She tells him he can go and he laughs that he feels so used. He orders her to cut the people who hurt her and bleed them dry.

At the hospital, Robin and Liz chit-chat about Emma. Liz starts to talk about Jake's milestones and gets sad. Patrick and Steve approach them. A disapproving Robin listens as Patrick asks Liz to join his team. Liz is excited to get back into the OR, but Steve pulls her aside for a family conference. Steve advises Liz it is a ton of pressure, but Liz understands she has to be in control and thinks it will be good for her. Steve returns to Patrick and Robin and worries Liz isn't ready, but Patrick thinks she is getting better. As the three argue, Lisa enters dressed as a security guard and eavesdrops near a vending machine. Steve finally relents and agrees to let Liz work with Patrick. Lisa smiles when she hears Robin tell Patrick he doesn't want to hear what she has to say.

Spinelli rambles to Jason about the latest news at Stone Cold's apartment. Sam wants to usher Spinelli off because they are on a strict schedule. Jason worries that it is too strenuous, but Sam protests she is simply going on a stakeout. Jason offers to go instead. After more rambling by Spinelli, Sam finally escorts him off to help her on her job.

Lucky returns home and refuses Siobhan's rosemary cookies. She doesn't take offense. He can't get his mind off of Luke and plays with his lighter. Siobhan admits Luke told her that Lucky needs to break free of his past. After he leaves, Maxie arrives and decides to wait on him. Siobhan wants her to leave, but Maxie taunts her that she'll soon be gone once Lucky finds out the truth about Aiden. Siobhan thinks that Lucky can't take any more pressure, but Maxie counters that Aiden might help keep him sober. As they bicker, Nikolas arrives looking for Lucky. Nikolas doesn't want to push Lucky towards Liz. Maxie angrily leaves to solve the problem on her own. Nikolas worries how Siobhan is handling everything. Siobhan thinks Lucky is hurting too much to seek comfort from her. She notices that the lighter is missing and rushes out.

Lulu and Dante take a romantic stroll near her old abandoned home. Lulu tells Dante that Luke always said someone should burn it down. Lulu psychoanalyzes her family and Dante assures her she's right about it all.

Lucky and Liz run into one another on the docks. Lucky fills her in on his visit to Florida and Luke's refusal of his love. Liz feels Luke might be trying to push him away for his own good. Luke admits that Luke said killing Jake liberated him. A shocked Liz is horrified and doesn't think she can forgive Luke for his treatment of Lucky. She assures him that none of it is his fault, but Lucky just walks away.

Dante and Maxie meet at the docks and she wonders when he is going to get Lulu out of town. She stammers on about Lucky, but Dante doesn't think Lucky is as fragile as she thinks. Maxie counters that the sky is falling and Lucky is going to pull it down on everyone. Dante points out he has Siobhan and Maxie wonders why he acts like the world's most positive person. Maxie finally convinces Dante things are getting worse.

At the nurses' station, Robin feels like she is being watched. She jumps when Patrick returns and admits she feels jittery. She changes the subject and worries that Patrick is supporting Liz because of his guilt over not saving Jake. Patrick asserts Liz needs to believe in herself again. They are interrupted when an anxious Spinelli enters with Sam, who he claims had an accident and is worried given her condition. Robin asks if Sam is pregnant.

Liz impulsively goes to Jason's apartment. She is worried about Lucky and hopes Jason can talk to him. She believes he can lessen Lucky's guilt. Jason disagrees and thinks she is the one person who can help him, as she's the only person for Lucky.

Lucky goes to his old home. He stands outside looking crazed, and as he plays with a lighter, he hatches a plan. He pours gasoline around the house and then lights it on fire. Dante arrives and escorts him to his police car before anyone sees him. Siobhan arrives at the house and yells for Lucky. She decides the way to help is to go into the fire and look for him. As she screams, Lucky asks Dante if he heard the screaming.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz makes a potentially fatal error on the operating table.

Robin and Sam discuss running tests to see if Sam may already be pregnant.

The hospital goes into lockdown.

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