On the grounds, Sonny corners the mayor and they start bickering. When the mayor talks about what a troublemaker Michael is, Sonny defends him and demands his diploma. Floyd won't hand it over so the mobster threatens him.

Abby corners Jason as he heads home. She fills him in and worries. Then she goes home to worry some more and Dante shows up. They worry together and discuss the dynamic in his family.

Michael goes down to the pier. Jason shows up. Michael kicks himself for losing it and disappointing his family. He explains what set him off and says Bryce asked for it. They discuss Michael's next move. Jason says that he got him a free trip to Europe. Michael doesn't want to leave right now so Stone Cold offers him a warehouse job. He takes it, but says he's still determined to join the business.

Sam congratulates her sisters as they come home from graduation. Kristina mopes and Molly explains what happened. Carly, Alexis and Morgan arrive. He gushes about the fight. Later, Sonny shows up with the diploma. Carly hops around and Kristina tells her dad about the fight. She decides to go and find her brother. As the kids defend Michael, Alexis cuts them short to say what he did was not okay. Sonny says a fist is the only way to get a point across sometimes. Carly barks at Alexis. Sam interrupts them all to say that Kristina and Michael are adults now and they're choices are their own to deal with. Michael arrives and there are hugs.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan tries calling his sister. Kristina shows up to tell him about her day. She asks if his father has given him more trouble. He claims he can handle it. She invites him to her party but he laughs and says that's a bad idea. However, with a little begging, he agrees.

Kristina and Ethan go to her house. Her brother is there with everyone else. He apologizes for ruining her graduation and Sonny demands to know why Ethan is there. Alexis keeps the peace by changing the topic. She talks about how great being a mother to her daughters is. Carly congratulates her son and gives him his diploma. Sonny tells his kids how proud he is.

Michael goes to Abby's. His brother is still there and hands him the paper confirming that his parole has been completed. They hug. After Dante leaves, Michael wonders where to live now. She tells him she has plenty of room. That gets him excited and he insists on paying half the rent. They make out.

At the house, Max tells Brenda that his brother is teaching Alec martial arts. She doesn't like that. Diane shows up to see her man and test his back. Brenda starts badgering her about Alec but Diane says she's busy. Milo hops in and Brenda begins lecturing them about appropriate activities around her son. When she starts talking about having Sonny adopt him, the lawyer says that would be inadvisable. This annoys the unemployed supermodel. Diane tells her what a bad idea bringing another son into Sonny's life is and refuses to be involved. Brenda flounces off. Max tells Diane what a mistake she is making but she refuses to compromise on this. Brenda returns and says Diane gave her lots to think about.

Kristina and Ethan walk down by the pier. It bothers her that her lies about him are still floating around. She closes her eyes and expects a kiss. He only kisses her cheek.

Dante goes to see Carly at her place. He tells her that having Michael living on his couch is driving him crazy and he wants her to take him off his hands. He's just joking. He breaks the news that he pulled some strings to get Michael off parole. She thanks him.

Sam returns to Jason's and they discuss the party. This turns into a discussion about being able to let go of your children. She doesn't know if she'd be able to do it.

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Siobhan and Maxie discuss Aiden’s paternity secret.

Lucky sets fire to the Spencer home, only to realize Siobhan is inside.

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