After Steve tells Patrick the location of the cabin Robin might be at, Lisa interrupts them and says she wants Patrick to leave with her right now. Steve says he needs her on a surgery, so Lisa suggests Patrick scrub in. Steve puts the kibosh on it and Lisa asks Patrick to meet her after she's done. She heads to surgery and Patrick worries that Lisa knows what's up. He asks Steve to keep her at the hospital as long as he can and takes off. Later, Lisa learns from Epiphany that Patrick has already signed out for the day. She calls her patient who lent her the cabin and asks if anyone from General Hospital called him asking questions. She hangs up and then takes off. Steve learns Lisa has left for the day and calls Patrick. He leaves a message for him about Lisa.

Patrick searches the cabin, but finds no trace of Robin so he goes out into the woods. He calls out for Robin, who is passed out in the well. Robin wakes up and yells out to him. Patrick helps her out of the well and gives her some water. She tells him she doesn’t remember what happened before she got to the cabin, but he assures her Emma is fine. He hugs her and promises that he will never let Lisa hurt her again. As they get up to leave, an unhinged Lisa approaches them with a gun.

In the cottage in Ireland, Dante questions Lulu on whether or not she's trying to relive Spencer history, pointing out she never even lived it. She retorts she's embracing it. She tells him not only did she not get to live her family's adventures, but she is the reason they stopped having them. She just wants to live up to the legend of Luke and Laura, but Dante tells her she doesn't have to. He says his grandmother used to say comparison is the killer of joy. He thinks they should have a proper prospective and they will live life on their own terms. Lulu jokes that under all those cheesy pickup lines was a lot of wisdom. Dante leaves to check on the car as the Interpol agent stops by to talk with Lulu. She assumes The Balkan sent him so she knocks him out with a fireplace poker. Dante returns and finds the guy's wallet learning who he is.

Maxie waits for Matt at Kelly's and talks to Mike about the scary possibility that something has happened to Robin. Mike questions her about Matt and Spinelli and she says time moves on, but Spinelli is having a hard time getting over her. Spinelli enters Kelly's distracted by a video game that has used Brenda as its inspiration. He calls Brenda the most captivating woman on the planet. Maxie rolls her eyes as Spinelli goes on and on about The Divine one. Matt joins them and Spinelli tells them he must get back to Brenda who is living with him and Jason.

Sam meets Brenda at the penthouse and then witnesses her banter with Jason. Brenda and Sam get acquainted and Sam tells her she was with both Jax and Sonny before and that she and Jason were going to raise her baby before she had a miscarriage. Brenda thinks she should find another place to stay, but Sam insists she stay there. Sam leaves for work and Brenda wonders why Jason never told her anything about his life. She questions him about Sam and gets him to admit he loves her. He doesn’t want to answer more questions and they bicker. She then says she needs to go talk to Sonny. Spinelli returns as Brenda and Jason argue. Jason eventually relents and calls guards to take her to see Sonny.

Still at Kelly's, Matt calls Maxie out on being bothered by Spinelli's obsession with Brenda. He gets frustrated because he's there with her now and not hung up on someone else. She can't help that she's upset about Spinelli and when she sees Sam walk in she suggests they meet up later. Matt agrees and asks her to call him if she hears from Patrick or Robin. Matt leaves and Sam sits down with Maxie to tell her about meeting Brenda. She tells him Brenda was lovely, but she and Jason share a weird chemistry. Sam admits she is flipping out and insecure about Brenda, but she is going to do something about it.

Sam returns to the penthouse and tells Jason she won't compete with Brenda. She thinks there's only one solution, which is to break up.

On the plane home, Claire suggests she and Sonny join the mile high club and they get it on. Afterwards, Claire tells him she just wants to savoir all the alone time they've enjoyed. She wonders if this is too good to be true and he responds it's pretty damn good. He tells her in time he will erase her doubts about him by proving himself. As they prepare for landing, Sonny says this is just the beginning and he will be paying a lot of attention to her.

Sonny walks in his house to find Brenda who tells him she's back in Port Charles but she won't see him – ever.

Monday's Port Charles Spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick handles Lisa.

Jason wants Sam to move in.

Michael asks Jason for help.

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