Brenda has a nightmare about Sonny getting shot while on the plane home. She then panics about going to Port Charles, much to Jason's annoyance.

Molly comes to the penthouse and finds Spinelli cleaning. She brings him the flowers he ordered from her friend's store but the truck broke down so she was helping out. He excitedly tells her about Brenda's impending visit and Molly is excited Brenda will actually be living there. Spinelli giddily says he will be sharing his home with an angel. After Jason and Brenda have returned, Jason cleans up all the pink stuff Spinelli has laid out for Brenda. Michael stops by and talks with Jason. Brenda comes down, interrupting them. She gets acquainted with Michael, who becomes uncomfortable when she brings up school and Josslyn. Michael leaves and Jason fills Brenda in on Claudia. He asks her to be careful with Michael because he's going through Hell.

Maxie brings some clothes to Sam at her place who insists she's not insecure about Brenda coming back into town, but it doesn’t hurt to look extra hot for Jason. Maxie is happy to help, but still worries about Robin. After Maxie has left, Sam makes some calls about Robin and then Molly stops by. She asks Sam to bring her to Jason's so she can meet Brenda.

A dressed up Sam walks in Jason's place and meets Brenda as Jason runs downstairs.

Sonny and Claire enjoy their time on the island. He buys her a dress for the night and she notes he thinks of everything, but she knows he's done this before. He admits he's brought women there before and she says she doesn’t think she can be one of many. He appreciates that and wonders what she wants to do. They go fishing and then return to make out. Later, Sonny asks Claire about her past and she tells him about a cousin who she used to go fishing with, but was shot and killed. Sonny didn’t want to make her sad, but she wonders what he does want. She says she just wants to be with someone and know they can trust each other. That's what Sonny wants too. Claire gets a call and tells Sonny she has to leave for work, but he should stay and enjoy the peace and quiet. He wants to enjoy whatever time they have left and he kisses her.

In the interrogation room, Patrick panics as Steve tries to calm him down. Steve says he will track down Lisa's patients to see if any of them have a cabin or something place Lisa might have taken Robin. Lisa watches them from the window and then walks in with coffee and a sweet roll for Patrick. Steve leaves and Lisa tells Patrick he always has her. Mac joins them and sneers at Patrick that there 's nothing like broadcasting his motive for getting rid of his wife. Mac and Patrick argue and Lisa comes to Patrick's defense and then storms out. She returns with the name of an attorney she talked to and says Patrick can leave at any time because Mac has nothing on Patrick.

At the hospital, Steve tells Patrick he found a patient Lisa helped who has a cabin and lets Lisa use it at any time.

Robin wakes up in the well and notes she made it through the night. Her alarm on her watch goes off to indicate she needs to take her meds. Robin yells for help and her watch goes off again signaling she missed her second dose. She gets weak and closes her eyes.

After their car stalls out in the Irish countryside, Lulu and Dante find shelter. They decide to stay where they are until they hear from Lucky. Dante is impressed with how comfortable Lulu feels there. She suggests they stay there and travel around with no plans. He wonders if that's what she really wants to if she just wants to live up to her Spencer name.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny finds Brenda at his house.

Lisa wields a gun.

Sonny convinces Claire he cares about her.

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