Robin is shocked to see Stone in the well. She tells him she's always carried him with her and never forgot him. They relive their past and she tells him he made her so happy. She states it was the best time of her life, but he asks, "Even though I left you with HIV?" Stone reminds her they were just teenagers when he died and suggests she has been building him up in her mind. She insists he is the love of her life, but he wants her to see him for who he was and let him go so she can move on. She tells him she tried and now she wishes she hadn't because she fell in love with Patrick, who cheated on her. Robin doesn’t think Stone would have done that to her, but he says he was a nineteen-year-old boy with a death sentence, so it was different. He asks about Patrick and she recalls their history together. He tries to get her to see that she can't hold on to their past together because it will only keep that place in her heart out of Patrick's reach. She tells him she has to get home to her daughter, but she will always love him. He knows that because he is part of her. He says he loves her and then he's gone.

Carly pounds on Sam's door wondering if she's heard from Jason. Sam tells her Jason called her and said that Brenda is in genuine danger. Carly thinks she should wake up before she loses the best thing that happened to her. Sam laughs and asks, "Don't you mean the best thing that happened to you?" Sam insists she's not insecure about Jason and Brenda's relationship, but she knows Carly is because she and Brenda fill the same place in Jason's life, being needy women. Carly leaves, and Sam looks more worried than she was letting on. Molly visits her sister to tell her about Sonny and Claire. She worries Kristina will hate her father dating Claire and Molly admits she hates it too because Claire put Michael in prison.

When Spinelli comes up empty on Lisa at the penthouse, he wonders if Patrick is wrong about her. Patrick insists Lisa is behind Robin's disappearance. Once Patrick has left, Carly stops by and finds Spinelli meditating. She wants to know what's going on with Jason, but Spinelli only wants to talk about Brenda. Carly changes subjects and says they are stepping up their plan to sabotage Dante. Spinelli thinks Carly should put her anger aside and move on like Michael is trying to do. Carly uses the threat Dante could pose to Jason as a way to get him back onboard. It works and Spinelli says he will do anything to protect Jason.

Patrick returns to the hospital and finds Lisa, who tells him she's freaked out about what happened at the police station. He says he doesn't blame her for being unnerved and pretends Mac had no right to do that. Mac walks up to Patrick and angrily tells him Lisa is clean because they just searched her apartment and it came up empty. He places Patrick under arrest.

Johnny overhears Olivia checking on Dante at his place and ribs her for being overprotective. She wonders if it bothers him that Lulu is with Dante and he says no, but he thinks it's a bit wacky considering he and Lulu dated. Olivia asks if he's found anything about Robin, but he hasn't. He believes Robin just took off though. Ethan and Maya stop by and Olivia and Johnny go to her place so they can be alone. Maya doesn't quite understand how Ethan lives life on his own terms not worrying about what people think. She admires that he doesn't take things too seriously, but he says that's not true. She wonders what matters to him then and Ethan responds his family. She envies him because for her, family is a standard she has to live up to, but for him, family is something he can enjoy. He wants to teach her how to enjoy and they get up to dance.

Siobhan continues to secretly listen to Lulu, Dante and Lucky discussing Lucky's undercover case. He gets a call on Ronan's phone and makes plans to meet with an associate of Ronan's. Lulu worries if he meets with him he will blow his cover. Lulu and Dante insist on watching his back and the three of them leave together. Siobhan slowly exits the closet and looks concerned as she walks out of the apartment. Lucky returns to the door and runs after her when she takes off.

Lucky catches up with Siobhan and she tells him she heard the truth. She's upset that he used her and lied about finding God. He says he changed some of the details, but he was telling her the truth about him. She doesn't care and storms off. The cops find Lucky and arrest him as Ronan for shooting the thugs.

Dante and Lulu get lost while driving in the countryside and then their car stalls.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brenda returns to Port Charles.

Steve finds a lead on Robin.

Dante questions Lulu's motives.

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