After the shootout in Ireland, Lucky tells Dante he wants the cops to find him as part of his cover. Dante doesn’t like it but tells him to meet him and Lulu later.

Siobhan and Lulu wait for Ronan in his hotel room. Lulu asks about The Balkan, but Siobhan says she'd get more info if she wasn't a cop. Lulu gets a text from Dante and has to leave. Lulu later returns with Dante and Lucky, who escaped from the cops. Siobhan hides in the closet as Lucky talks with Dante and Lulu about what his next move is, revealing he's an undercover cop.

In Italy, Brenda says she doesn’t want to go to Port Charles, even if that means she'll be safer. Jason tells her it doesn't matter what she wants because it's not worth risking her life to avoid Sonny. Jason asks about The Balkan, but Brenda says she doesn’t know what he wants from her. Jason doesn't believe her, but continues to insist she go back to Port Charles. Brenda tears up as she says she doesn't want to be in a position where people can emotionally hurt her. Jason understands why she doesn’t want to go back, but he's taking her anyway.

On Sonny's couch, Claire assumes his wanting to go away with her means he has an agenda. He says he just wants to spend time with her, but she thinks there are other motives. They flirt and start to kiss, but Molly, who has photos for Sonny from Kristina, interrupts them. Sonny tells Claire they are leaving tonight and she leaves the room. Molly tells her uncle Kristina will freak out when she finds out he's dating the woman who sent Michael to prison. Sonny assures her Claire was only doing her job with Michael and it was him she was after. He answers her questions about dating Claire and says he's not in love with her, but he likes her a lot and they have found happiness with each other for right now. After Molly has left and Claire has returned from going home to pack, Claire and Sonny prepare for their vacation. Sonny tells her she is one of a kind and Max, who is helping with the baggage, rolls his eyes as they head out.

Robin falls after trying to climb out of the well, but yells out that she won't die down there. As Robin sits in the well seemingly defeated, she sees Stone, who says, "What are you doing down here?"

At the station, Mac tells Ronnie Patrick is playing Lisa at the hospital. He's giving him an hour to get info and then they are taking over. He tells Ronnie he doesn't give a damn about court cases or rules, he just wants to find Robin. Ronnie thinks Mac should ambush Lisa and Patrick to properly grill her because if Robin is in trouble there is no time to waste.

Steve and Patrick play Robin's disappearance up for Lisa at the hospital, with Patrick saying he won't go through this with her again. Patrick and Lisa talk alone about Robin, as Mac approaches them to speak with Lisa. He handcuffs her and takes her down to the station, leaving Patrick to panic.

Back at the station, Mac demands to know where Robin is. Lisa plays innocent and even offended that he embarrassed her at work. She says she knows nothing, but Mac doesn't believe her. Mac calls her an amateur compared to the psychos he's dealt with and he will do whatever it takes to get the truth out of her.

Patrick races over to the penthouse for Spinelli's help in finding Robin. Spinelli hacks into Lisa's private accounts and emails and says he will find all her secrets in no time.

Johnny and Olivia emerge from the bedroom and come downstairs with Olivia wearing nothing but his button down shirt. She thinks they should avoid certain topics from now on – like the mob. They toast to that and make out, but then Maxie urgently knocks on the door. She tells him Robin has disappeared and she wants him to use all his mob connections to try and find her. Johnny agrees, but tells Olivia he'll understand if she wants to leave. Olivia declares she isn't going anywhere. Maxie thanks him for his help and leaves. Olivia tells Johnny she's glad he is in a position to help.

Nikolas is impressed with Brook's new outfit at Wyndemere. She says she's feeling good and she isn't nervous about the party in France. He feels her manners are impeccable and she's ready to show them off.

Nikolas quizzes Brook on the plane to prepare her for the party. She has the facts down, but she worries she will say or do something wrong. She starts to hyperventilate and panic, but Nikolas calms her down reassuring her he has confidence in her.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly wants Sam to bring Jason home.

Dante and Lulu get lost.

Stone helps Robin.

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