At the Metro Court, Carly questions Sonny's motives for getting involved with Claire. She thinks because Brenda has a boyfriend, Claire is his consolation prize. She wonders if he didn’t have his kids to worry about would he have come back from Paris, or would he be there with Brenda right now? Sonny tells her now is the time to be a good father to his kids and protect them. As they continue to talk, Claire walks up and Carly taunts her about Brenda. Carly offers to buy their dinner, but Sonny wants to take Claire home to cook for her again.

Sonny brings Claire to his house and she asks about Brenda. Sonny tells her Carly only brought her up to get a reaction out of her and that's why he wanted to get out of the Metro Court. Claire wants to thank Carly for giving her an excuse to come back to his place. He tells her she doesn’t need an excuse and they start to kiss which leads to them going upstairs. They enjoy pizza and wine afterwards and Sonny suggests they go away for a long weekend. He wonders if she'd be up for it.

Jason sits with Brenda while she recovers from her heroin injection in Italy. She asks him about Sonny. He catches her up and she recalls the day Sonny proposed to her and how excited she felt. She says she felt the same way when she saw him again in Rome. Jason reminds her she and Sonny don't make each other happy for very long and she laughs saying that sums it up. Jason tells her it's not safe for her in Rome and she needs to come back to Port Charles with him.

Lucky tries to convince Dante and Lulu he knows what he's doing in Ireland, but Dante wants him to bail now. Lucky doesn't see what he's doing as any different than what Dante did with Sonny. Dante retorts there's a big difference between risking your life and throwing it away. Dante leaves with Lucky after he insists he's staying on the case. Siobhan stops by and she and Lulu talk about Ronan. Siobhan expresses her belief that Ronan has changed because she saw the look of a man who saw despair but found hope again. Lulu hopes she's not falling for Ronan O'Reilly.

Outside, Dante hides as two of The Balkan's men approach Lucky. As they talk, Dante pulls his gun on the men, but the men fire their own guns. Dante and Lucky fend them off and kill the goons. Lucky gets one of their cell phones and when they hear sirens, Dante says they'll meet up in an hour. Dante starts to leave, but Lucky stays put. Dante warns him the cops will be there in no time, but Lucky says, "Good."

In the cabin, Lisa taunts Robin about Patrick, but Robin defends her and Patrick's relationship. The women go back and forth slinging insults and accusations. When Lisa turns her back, Robin pushes her down and runs out the door. As Lisa yells after her that she was going to drive her back to Port Charles, she hears Robin scream. Lisa smiles and says, "Oh, well. Have fun in the woods."

After falling down a well, Robin calls for help.

Patrick questions nurses at the hospital about Lisa, which Steve puts a stop to. He says he can't go around questioning everyone, but Patrick is too worried about Robin to just sit by idly. Ronnie walks off the elevator to tell Patrick he hasn't found anything on Robin or Lisa yet. Patrick wants them to put out an APB on Lisa, but Ronnie tells him without any hard evidence against her there's nothing he can do. Lisa returns to the hospital and Patrick asks for her help on a case, as Steve looks on confused. He asks what happened to searching for Robin and Lisa innocently asks what happened. Patrick says Robin left Emma in a car alone and now she's missing. Steve plays along as Patrick says Robin has been acting irrational for weeks and at a certain point he has to move on.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brenda agrees to go back to Port Charles.

Robin sees Stone.

Kristina is aware of Sonny's motives.

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