At the bar in Ireland, Lucky pretends not to know who Dante and Lulu are. Dante tells him they are the police and want to question him. Lucky, as Ronan, puts them off. After Dante and Lulu sit at a table, Lucky and Siobhan grab a drink at the bar. Lulu notes Lucky is doing a good job of pulling it off, but Dante worries that it's hard to pretend to be someone you know nothing about. In order to help Lucky's cover, Dante interrupts his and Siobhan's conversation and tells him he's prepared to take him in for questioning and walks away. "Ronan" tells Siobhan he's not worried because he's good at what he does, but she wonders how he can continue with his work if his heart's not in it. She thinks he's a restless soul and looking for a challenge. He tells her not to believe the stories she's spinning.

Dante and Lulu meet with Lucky in his hotel room. They get filled in on Lucky's case and Dante worries he's in over his head, but Lucky says he's got it handled. Dante looks for backup from Lulu, but she knows Lucky is going to do this no matter what.

From a limo in Italy, Jason calls Sam to tell her he's headed to the airport and that he's looking forward to seeing her. Suzanne calls Jason and tells him Brenda didn't show up for a fitting and she's not answering her phone. Jason orders his driver to go back to the hotel.

Brenda is grabbed by two thugs in her suite in Italy. They inject her with something so she will tell 'him' what he wants to know. As the men question a drugged up Brenda, Jason bursts into the room and shoots the thugs. He finds Brenda in a stupor who thanks him. Suzanne walks in and balks at taking Brenda to the hospital. She makes a call to tell them they have a situation. Jason meets with Interpol, who confirms the thugs worked for The Balkan. He returns to tell Suzanne they need to find out what the crime lord really wants from Brenda, as she sleeps off the heroin she was injected with. Jason talks with Brenda as she starts to wake up. She says the men were the same guys who came after her before. Jason tells her Suzanne is keeping the incident quiet and that she does a good job looking out for her. Brenda thinks Jason does too.

Still at the penthouse, Sonny confides in Michael about Brenda and why they never worked out. Sonny hopes Michael doesn’t lose at love because he followed in his father's footsteps.

At the Metro Court, Claire looks for Jax, but when she can't find him she warns Carly Jax's vendetta against Sonny is very much alive and well. Claire also tells her she is personally involved with Sonny. Carly could care less, but wishes her luck because she will need it. Jax joins them and Claire leaves. Carly wonders why Jax is in Claire's business. Jax explains he wants to persuade Claire's superiors to get her back in line and go after Sonny.

Patrick goes to Mac's office to tell him Robin and Emma are missing and he thinks Lisa is behind it. Mac thinks Robin just wants to be away from him, but Patrick demands Mac help him find his wife and daughter.

After Robin's car has crashed, a police officer finds Emma in the backseat, but Robin is nowhere to be found. Mac and Patrick are called to the scene and Patrick thinks this proves Lisa took Robin, but Mac isn't convinced.

Patrick races to the hospital to ask Steve for his help regarding Robin and Lisa. He wants to talk to anyone Lisa came in contact with and Steve tells him there's been an unfortunate accident. Steve tells him a nurse broke her neck after falling in the stairwell, but Patrick notes the nurse worked closely with Lisa, leading him to assume her death was no accident.

Robin wakes up in a cottage to Lisa who acts innocent, but Robin knows better. Robin calls her crazy, but Lisa retorts she's just unwise. Lisa goes on and on about being in love with Patrick and rips into Robin in the process. Lisa says all Patrick wanted was a break from his wife and that's why he turned to her.

Next on General Hospital:

Jason wants Brenda to return to Port Charles.

Lulu thinks Siobhan has developed feelings for Ronan.

Robin escapes, but falls in a well.

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