Brenda reaches her door and overhears Murphy and Jason talking about her. Although furious, Brenda is happy to see Murphy and assures him there's nothing going on between her and Jason. Murphy wants to know if not Jason, then who did she leave him for? Murphy has no idea what's going on right now, but he asks Jason to take care of her and leaves. Suzanne comes over and tells Brenda people think she's dating Jason, which does not bode well if people think she is with a hit man, especially when organized crime is at the center of what they are combating. Brenda defends Jason, but Suzanne says the people who give them money won't understand. Brenda insists that Jason stay to protect her, but Suzanne says Jason is no longer an option and leaves. Brenda tells Jason she appreciates him coming there for her and orders Jason to tell Sonny she's doing great, should he ask about her. Jason leaves and Brenda recalls kissing Sonny, as someone tries to get through her door.

Dante and Lulu find "Ronan's" hotel room and Lulu picks the lock when they find Lucky isn't there. Lulu finds an envelope taped under a chair, which contains Ronan's passport. Dante is impressed with Lulu's skills and she tells him how she learned from Lucky and Luke. She feels at home in a place she's never been before. Dante understands and they talk about his family dynamics. They get back to focusing on Lucky and leave to ask around at the pub. Dante reminds Lulu this isn’t some backyard adventure because The Balkan is lethal.

Still tied to a chair in the warehouse, Lucky taunts the man who's guarding him. The man kicks Lucky over and tells him to watch his mouth. Lucky feels around and finds something to break his hands free when the thug sits him upright. Lucky continues to annoy the thug, which causes him to leave. After he's gone, Lucky works on freeing himself. Lucky unlocks his handcuffs and when the man returns he gets the upper hand and leaves.

Dante sits in the pub and watches as Lulu walks in and bumps into Siobhan. Lulu orders a beer and asks the bartender if he knows Ronan. His face darkens as he tells her he's never heard of him. Siobhan joins Lulu and Dante at the bar as Lucky walks in. He says, "Well, well, well. There's an interesting group."

In Jax's office, Sam tries to assure Carly Jason knows what he's doing in Rome and leaves. Jax asks if Carly's okay with this, but she can't stand the fact that Jax was even thinking about Brenda. Jax is just concerned but doesn’t want to talk about her anymore. He wants to concentrate on their future together and vows he doesn’t have feelings for Brenda. Appeased, Carly knows their life means everything to him and he says he's right where he wants to be because he loves her.

Diane comes to Sonny's and with Max at her side shows him the photo of Jason and Brenda. Sonny laughs when he sees how unhappy Jason looks in the photo, but he thinks something is off since Brenda called Jason to Rome. Diane wonders how Claire would feel if he took off to Italy to find out what's going on. Sonny tells her he doesn't have to explain himself to Claire, but Diane warns him Claire could turn on him if he dumped her for Brenda. He has no intention of hurting Claire and points out they've made no promises to each other. Diane and Max leave and Carly comes over to order Sonny to go to Rome and save Brenda so Jason can come home and help Michael. Sonny knows she just doesn't want Jax to go after her and Carly basically agrees. She can't keep Sonny away from Brenda, but Brenda can't have Jax.

Michael stops by the penthouse and finds Sam who says Jason is still in Rome. She asks for his help in figuring out what happened to Jason in prison, because he's been different since that ordeal. Michael says he can't help, but she wonders if she should press the issue or pretend everything is fine when she knows it isn't. Michael tells her if he doesn't want to talk she shouldn't pry. Sonny stops by and Sam leaves so they can talk. Sonny brings up Brenda and says it's not easy staying out of things with her. Sonny explains their relationship to his son, but says it doesn't matter because she doesn't fit in his life now. Michael wonders what if Brenda still loves him.

At the hospital Lisa accuses Patrick of only wanting her when she's slipping away. He apologizes for making her feel that way, but she thinks they need to cool things for awhile. Patrick says he was looking forward to spending time with her and says he'll be watching NASCAR at home and he'll have a cold beer waiting just in case. Lisa goes to the elevator and a nurse comes to tell her a doctor wants to talk to her about that controversial drug. Lisa makes sure the nurse didn't tell the doctor she ordered some and says she'll take care of it.

At Mac's, Robin packs Emma's things so she can stay with Maxie, but she has trouble remembering things. Robin and Emma leave, as Patrick arrives looking for them.

Robin drives with Emma in the backseat but has trouble keeping her eyes open.

Next on General Hospital:

Brenda is pumped full of drugs.

Patrick panics.

Steve finds a dead nurse in the stairwell.

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