Carly comes to see Jax at the office who hides the fact he was looking at a photo of Jason and Brenda online. Carly wants to celebrate their reunion and heads to the desk to reserve them suite and order lunch, but Jax stops her saying he has to work. She says they'll save it for later and calls herself a fool for ever letting him go. Carly leaves and Olivia comes in to discuss business with Jax, who tells her he has moved back home. She's happy to hear it and he explains he and Carly learned to compromise because their marriage couldn't survive without it.

Ethan stops by Johnny's who vows his truce with Sonny is the real deal. Ethan is skeptical, wondering what brought this on. Johnny fills him in on the evidence found proving he was holding a gun when Sonny shot him and that Dante offered him a deal. Ethan leaves when Claire comes over to review his legal situation. Johnny taunts her about falling for Sonny, but she says she just wants peace. He thinks her ties to Sonny will cost her in ways she can't imagine. She warns him to honor the truce between him and Sonny and walks out. Olivia is next to visit and goes on and on about compromise. She tells Johnny she loves him and that they still have a shot. He knows what he wants and it's right in front of him. He tells her he never stopped loving her and hugs her.

Spinelli hides an online photo of Jason and Brenda from Sam at the penthouse, but she convinces him to show it to her. She looks at the photo but realizes how miserable Jason was when the photo was taken. Carly comes over wondering what kind of trouble Brenda got into that she needs Jason. Spinelli says whatever it is, Brenda is appreciative and shows her the photo.

Sam comes to Jax's office because he wants to know why Jason is with Brenda. She recounts what she knows, but wonders why it's so important to him. As Sam taunts Jax about Brenda, Carly walks in and tells Sam they are back together and that Jax doesn't care about Brenda at all. She adds, "Do you Jax?"

In Italy, Jason and Suzanne discuss Brenda's security. She shows him a photo of them on the cover of a magazine. He wonders why people care he and Brenda went to a party and she explains the power of celebrity for charities. She tells him not only does he know how to manage Brenda, but he has made her more famous than she already was because he's the man to come between her and Murphy. Murphy knocks on the door wanting to have a conversation with Jason. Suzanne is leery of leaving them alone, but Murphy convinces her to leave. Murphy wants to know what the future holds for Jason and Brenda. Jason explains things and Murphy demands that he keep Brenda safe.

Patrick comes to Mac's as Robin takes some vitamins and they discuss the situation with Lisa further. Patrick leaves and Mac returns to find Robin who isn't feeling well. Mac worries for her and says he wants her to be with a man who appreciates her.

Patrick goes to the hospital and Lisa asks him to meet her at Jake's. He agrees, but then Matt walks up. Matt can't believe what Patrick is doing to Robin and says he's done making excuses for him.

Matt stops by the house to see Robin and tells her Patrick and Lisa are having a drink at Jake's. He's sorry Patrick is doing this to her. Robin takes her HIV meds and fills Matt in on their plan to trap Lisa. He thinks they are playing with fire.

At Jake's Lisa tells Patrick they should slow down a bit and calls off their trip. She feels uncomfortable until he is completely free. She leaves and Patrick looks worried.

Brook models her new outfit for Nikolas at Wyndemere but she says it isn't her style. He agrees it's not right and says he knows someone who can fix this. Nikolas calls Maxie over to hire her to be Brook's stylist. Brook wants no part of it and Maxie is aghast at first, but she eventually agrees. However, Maxie badmouths her in the process.

Nikolas finds Brook Lynn at Jake's and she suggests he take Maxie to France. He wants to take Brook but says she just needs some polish. He asks if she still wants to go and she asks if she can keep her wardrobe. He says yes and she agrees to go and Maxie can even be her stylist.

Next on General Hospital:

Sam tries to help Michael.

Lucky finds Dante and Lulu with Siobhan.

Brenda is attacked by the Balkan's thugs.

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