In Dante's loft, he tells Lulu if they go after Lucky it could get him killed, but Lulu is confident she can help Lucky keep his cover. Tracy comes by to ask Lulu to tell Lucky to come home because it's ridiculous to send anyone after Luke. Lulu says she will try to contact Lucky, but Luke will come home sooner or later. Tracy admits Luke is an addiction she can't break and if she knows he's gone for good, she can move on with her Luke-free life. Tracy leaves and Lulu tells Dante she's going after Lucky and Dante says he's going too then.

On the plane to Ireland, Lulu looks forward to seeing Ireland, but Dante reminds they aren't on vacation. She wonders if he's ever been to Ireland and he says he's never left the U.S.

At the house, Morgan says he is happy Jax is coming home and he is the best stepdad in the whole world. Jax thinks maybe that's enough and asks if Morgan wants him to stop the adoption process. Carly tries to reason with him, but Morgan thinks Michael will feel left out if he and Josslyn have different last names. Michael assures him he won't mind and Jax tells Morgan it won't hurt his feelings if he doesn’t want him to adopt him. Morgan reiterates how much he loves having Jax in his life, but he also worries about his dad. Michael says the most important thing to their father is that he is safe and declares he'll be safer as a Jacks. No one wants him to stop loving Sonny, but if he gives up his name he'll have a better chance at life than Michael had. Morgan says he still wants Jax to be his dad and okays the adoption. Michael takes Morgan upstairs and Jax and Carly make out on the couch, which Michael returns to see. They stop kissing and invite Michael to hang out with them, but he leaves in a hurry.

After they come back from the gala, Brenda chastises Jason for being so rude to Ernesto Cartulo by telling him his security sucks. Jason isn't concerned and informs Brenda he is sleeping there tonight. Annoyed, Brenda goes to get him some blankets and Jason pours himself a stiff drink. As Jason lies on the couch, gun in hand, he hears Brenda scream. He runs to her room, but she was just having a nightmare. They sit together in the living room and she brings up their high school days and how they went to prom together. She asks if he's ever been to Greece and he tells her about his experience traveling there. She asks him to keep talking because it helps her fall asleep. He obliges her and talks about the beaches in Greece until she closes her eyes.

A nurse brings Lisa her prescription for the potentially dangerous drug she requested at the hospital. Patrick walks up and asks Lisa out to dinner. Lisa would love to but she has a lot of work to do.

Maxie gives Robin a pep talk about the Lisa situation at Mac's as Lisa lurks outside. Maxie leaves and Patrick stops by to give Emma a kiss goodnight. He was hoping they could do it together. Robin goes with him to Emma's room and Lisa enters the house. She fiddles with Robin's meds, but hides when the Drakes return to the living room to talk about how crazy Lisa is and their plan to fool her. Patrick tells Robin his college days with Lisa meant nothing to him and once it was over he never looked back. Robin is the only woman he's loved and she and Emma mean everything to him. They hear Emma cry and go to check on her and Lisa switches out some of Robin's meds. Lisa slips out as Robin and Patrick return with Emma.

Outraged, Diane lashes out at Sonny and Claire for sleeping together and then Max drags her out of Sonny's house. Sonny apologizes to Claire, but she assures him nothing Diane says can change how she feels. Sonny asks her to stay the night, but she doesn’t want to overstay her welcome. Claire gets dressed and thanks Sonny for the evening. She leaves and Sonny calls Diane to come there right now. When she gets there, Diane won't apologize for meddling in his personal life and warns him Claire is a formidable prosecutor who tried to get him sent to prison. She warns that Claire is no man's pushover and when it ends badly she will bury him.

Next on General Hospital:

A photo of Brenda kissing Jason on the cheek circulates.

Robin takes the tranquiller Lisa mixed with her meds.

Nikolas wants to hire Maxie.

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