At the penthouse, Spinelli wants to know how Dante knows about The Balkan, which just leads to an argument about recent events. Spinelli thinks Dante is a smooth liar and he hopes Lulu will come to her senses and leave him so he experiences the broken heart he so richly deserves.

Expecting The Balkan in Ireland, Lucky opens the door, but Siobhan walks in telling him Slavic men were asking about him in the bar. Fearing for her safety, he wants her to go, but she won't leave without him. After they debate it, she kisses him and then leaves. Lucky calls Dante saying he needs information on The Balkan so he can pull off his undercover gig. Dante is surprised to hear Lucky is after The Balkan and urges him to get out of there. Lucky can't leave and asks him get him some Intel. Lucky hangs up and someone knocks on the door. Lucky opens it to some of The Balkan's thugs who abduct him.

Lucky is taken to a warehouse and told The Balkan will decide his fate when he gets there.

In his loft, Dante makes some calls to his old precinct for information on The Balkan. Lulu walks in and Dante tells her what Lucky is really up to. He's worried something bad will happen to Lucky now that he knows The Balkan is involved. Lulu asks if Dante has ever dealt with him. Dante worked on a case connected to him and all he knows is that he's one bad man.

After Claire and Sonny have sex in his bedroom, Sonny tells her he didn't make love to her to tarnish her rep as a fed, but because he wanted to be with her. She reciprocates the sentiment declaring this wasn't one of their games. She says she is responsible for her own choices and right now she chooses him. She notes he has everything: money, power, and people who love him, but he's one of the loneliest men she's ever known. He holds her face in his hands and says, "Not tonight," and kisses her.

Diane comes to Sonny's house and finds Max. They discover remnants of Claire and Sonny's dinner and decide not to let the lovely table go to waste. They finish Claire and Sonny's meals and discuss Sonny returning to Port Charles because of Brenda. Max goes on and on about Brenda and how hot she is, but then backtracks and says she can't compare to Diane. Diane tells him to prove it and he comes over to kiss her. As they get frisky on the patio, Sonny and Claire come out and interrupt them. As she tries to regain her composure, Diane expresses her dismay at Claire sleeping with Sonny and warns that she just got played.

In Italy, Brenda tells Jason he has to go to a gala with her, but he refuses. He doesn't want her going either, but Brenda has her own ideas. Suzanne comes over dressed for the gala and wonders why Brenda isn't ready. Jason tells Suzanne Brenda is not going, but Suzanne assures him they have made some changes to security. Jason leaves to check it out and Suzanne seems to be taken by Jason. Brenda is mortified as she wonders if Suzanne is dressed up and looking feminine for Jason. Suzanne tries to insist that's not the case, but Brenda warns her Jason is literally a killer so she can't fall for him. Jason returns to tell Brenda she still needs to stay in tonight, but Suzanne explains how important it is that Brenda be there for her charity.

After Jason is badgered into wearing a tux, he and Brenda head to the gala in a limo where she tries to give him instructions on how to socialize. Jason tells her to do what she does and he will do his job. They arrive at the gala and the paparazzi go nuts trying to get a shot of Brenda. Jason escorts her to the red carpet and they pose for the photographers, which clearly annoys Jason.

At home, Jax wants to make sure he and Carly are committed to each other, and Carly assumes he's scared to take the risk again. She's scared too, but she knows she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Jax will fight for them for as long as she lets him and she says, "Welcome home." Morgan helps Jax move back in as Michael talks with his mother assuming Brenda's presence prompted their reunion. Carly assures him she's not threatened by Brenda, but the expression on her faces says otherwise. Jax gets the family pizza and Carly asks her men for total honesty even if it hurts. Morgan goes first and thinks since Jax will be his stepdad again, there is no reason for him to adopt him.

Next on General Hospital:

Brenda and Jason commiserate.

Lisa messes with Robin's meds.

Morgan has second thoughts about Jax adopting him.

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