In Jax's office, Claire defends herself to Jax and says she and Sonny are free to find out what they can be to each other. Jax is outraged and Claire wonders what or who Sonny took from him to make him hate him so much.

At Sonny's, Dante tells his father he's also used one woman to get over another, but it didn't work. He met her on an undercover case and walked away when it was over, but took up with someone else to get over her. Sonny tells him about Brenda and says it's always been easier to get over someone by losing himself in someone else. Dante gets ready to leave and Sonny says it was nice having him be his son for one night without his being a cop getting in the way. Dante leaves as Claire walks in. Claire and Sonny sit down to dinner and she tells him she has no regrets. She adds she's a big girl and no one forced her into anything. She kisses him but he pulls away saying this is her last chance to leave. She says she's not going anywhere and kisses him again. They go up to his bedroom where they passionately kiss and she starts to take off her clothes.

Still at Jason's penthouse, Michael wonders why Carly is so bothered by Jason being with Brenda. She thinks Jason should be around to help him instead of playing bodyguard to Brenda. He assures Carly she will always come first in Jason's life.

In Rome, Jason convinces Brenda that Sonny didn't send him and tells her the charges against Sonny have been dropped. She wonders if he is seeing someone and Jason says it's not serious. She becomes angry when she learns Suzanne summoned Jason there. Jason calls Spinelli and Brenda grabs the phone to order him to tell Jason to come home. Carly grabs the phone from Spinelli and learns Brenda is on the line. Carly gets snarky and Brenda, who gives Jason the phone back. Jason demands to talk to Spinelli and tells him to run a check on the Balkan, which makes Brenda look nervous. Once he's off the phone, Brenda asks Jason about Spinelli and he asks about the Balkan and why she's a target, assuming she did more than just be the face of her organization. Brenda evades and tells him she wants him to protect her and that she has a gala to go to so he needs to get a tux.

Dante comes to the penthouse and finds Spinelli researching the Balkan. Dante demands to know what he knows about him and Spinelli assumes not as much as Dante does.

Carly comes home to find Jax, who was hoping to pick up where they left off. Carly worries if they try again, they will just fall a part. Jax tells her he loves her and wants a life with her. He wonders if she does too and she kisses him. She asks what happens now and he says he moves back in.

In Ireland, Siobhan tells Lucky, as Ronan, that she sees some compassion in his eyes, which Ronan never had. She wonders how he happened to pick up a soul. He tells her he found God. Siobhan is sorry his salvation came too late to save her Donny. She tells him to be careful because now that he's developed a conscience it could get him killed. She leaves and Lucky gets a call to meet, but he says in his accent that he's been made and he needs to pick another place.

Lucky goes to the new location and gets a call telling him the Balkan isn't pleased they changed locations, as someone bangs on the door.

Steve and Patrick meet at the hospital and discuss the plan as Lisa walks up. She asks to borrow Patrick for a minute and tells him she just got amazing tickets for a NASCAR race and she's booked them a hotel. He balks, but Lisa persists and he agrees to go. She kisses him as Steve walks by and looks on disapprovingly. Lisa walks away and Steve chastises Patrick for kissing Lisa. Steve says he'll rearrange the schedule to keep him in town so he doesn't have to go away with Lisa, but warns Patrick to get it under control.

At Mac's, Robin goes over her plan for Lisa with Maxie. She notes she has to play the part of the scorned wife, which isn't too hard since it's so real. Maxie wonders if she wants to work it out with Patrick and Robin responds she's only worried about her daughter at this point. Maxie leaves and Steve comes by to tell her Lisa wants to go away with Patrick. Robin thinks the only way to handle this to make Lisa think she's won.

Maxie comes to the hospital and talks to Patrick about Lisa, who overhears them lay out the plan. Lisa approaches Maxie when she's alone and they exchange words. Patrick walks up and Lisa exits. Patrick warns Maxie not to underestimate Lisa, who lurks behind the corner to listen to them. Maxie tells Patrick she is sympathetic to his situation, but she won't be so understanding if he sleeps with her again. He vows it won't happen and iterates that he's playing her. Maxie leaves and Patrick goes to check on a patient, as Lisa asks a nurse to fill a prescription for a new trial drug that could be dangerous if not taken properly.

Next on General Hospital:

Brenda and Jason attend a gala together.

Lucky gets kidnapped.

Morgan has second thoughts.

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