At his loft, Dante questions Michael about Carter in prison, but Michael wants him to leave it alone. Dante is trying to do everything he can to make things right since he feels guilty about him going to prison in the first place. Michael tells him if he wants to help he should never bring up prison again.

In his office, Jax wonders if he and Carly can get back together and make it work. He notes they don’t have to be perfect, they just have to love each other. She kisses him as Dante walks in to tell them about Michael's fight. Carly is upset Dante was called instead of her and wonders why he didn't call her himself.

Carly urgently goes to Jason's place but learns from Sam he's in Rome. Carly is furious because Jason's first obligation is to her and her kids and she will not share him with Brenda. Sam asks Carly about Jason's feelings for Brenda and then Michael comes in looking for Jason. Sam leaves to give them some time alone and Carly asks about the fight at school. He tells her about it and learns Jason is in Rome. He wonders why she's so upset about it and she tells him nothing good has ever come from helping Brenda.

Claire comes to Sonny's place furious he sent Max to give her some earrings as a gift at the station. She calls it inappropriate and reminds him he is no longer a conflict of interest so it doesn't help him to compromise her. He says he will just have to settle for being with her then. He wonders if she wants to be reassigned and she admits she wants to stay and get to know him better. He wants that too, but wonders why she is fighting him. She fears he is still using her but he insists that's not happening. He asks her to dinner tonight and she agrees only if he takes back the earrings. She leaves and Max comes in to find Sonny preparing for his dinner with Claire. Sonny tells his bodyguard he's manipulating it so Claire will think making the next move is her idea. He then has a memory of Brenda. Dante comes in and tells his father about Michael. Dante asks why he invited Claire to dinner and Sonny says he is using her, but not in the way she thinks. He admits Claire is a way for him to move forward and wonders if Dante thinks it's wrong to be with one woman in order to get over another.

Jax summons Claire to his office to question her about getting taken off Sonny's case. She admits she has personal feelings for Sonny and he warns her against being another fool for Sonny Corinthos.

Brenda goes to a photo shoot in Rome where she will be modeling wedding dresses. She says she can't wear them and the photographer thinks they can come up with a solution. He puts Brenda in a non-wedding dress and the photographer asks if she's ever been married before. She says kind of and recalls her wedding to Jason. He continues to question her as he takes her photo and she recalls her failed weddings to Jax and Sonny. She gets emotional and asks the photographer to take a break.

Jason comes to Brenda's door in Italy and meets Suzanne. She tells him about The Balkan and the attacks on Brenda. She wonders why he came, assuming he has a savior complex. He explains that Brenda is important to people he cares about, but she notes Brenda is irresistible to most men. Jason stops short of rolling his eyes. After Jason has left, Brenda comes home and lashes out at Suzanne for not telling her the job was a wedding shoot. She goes off on how meaningless modeling is and how her security is pointless since she's been attacked. Jason listens to her rant outside the door and then knocks. Brenda answers, laughs when she sees Jason and tries to shut the door on him. Suzanne leaves and Jason questions Brenda about The Balkan. She evades him and wonders why he's there, assuming Sonny sent him. Jason responds that Sonny doesn't know he's there.

In Ireland, Siobhan wonders why Lucky let Liam live when he was so quick to kill his brother. They sit for a drink and he dances around the issue until she's appeased. She asks him to take her some place where they can be alone.

Lucky brings Siobhan to his place where she pulls a gun on him so she can kill him. Lucky gets the gun away from her, but offers it back to her. She grabs it and he dares her to pull the trigger. She knows he's not Ronan because of his behavior and demands to know who he is.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly's reaction changes Brenda's mind about Jason.

Lisa overhears Patrick admitting his plan to Maxie.

Dante is familiar with The Balkan.

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