Robin and Patrick meet in the interrogation room to discuss their situation as Mac protectively watches from the window. Maxie pulls Mac away and tells him he needs to trust Robin and let her and Patrick work things out. Mac is worried about what Lisa will do and doesn’t want them to work it out anyway because Patrick is a cheater. Maxie reminds him cheaters can love too and walks away. Back inside, Robin and Patrick rehash the affair and Mac comes in. Robin prepares to leave for her suspension hearing and Patrick says he is sorry she has to go through this. Mac tells him to be sorry somewhere else.

Robin goes to her hearing at the hospital where Steve presides. He has Lisa give her statement, which sets Robin off. She lashes out at Lisa, who thinks Robin is in no position to handle her hospital duties and asks Patrick to back her up. Patrick notes his actions pushed her over the edge and maybe he should be punished. Robin continues her tirade to put on a show for Lisa. Steve suggests Robin get counseling which leads to a whole new outburst from Robin. Steve tells her the suspension will continue and Robin leaves the room. Steve leaves as well and Lisa tells Patrick he and Robin were bound to break up because they were never really happy. Lisa thinks he needs to focus on himself and find his way to being the man he really is. She offers her services if he needs to talk to someone.

Michael meets with the headmaster at Madison who wants to make sure there will be no problems. Michael assures him he doesn’t intend to get into any trouble and the headmaster is glad to hear it hoping to give him another chance.

In another part of the school, Kristina talks with Taylor as Michael comes out and meets him. Another boy, Bryce, comes to talk to Kristina and taunts her about Kiefer. Michael gets defensive and Bryce goads him and then pushes Michael against the wall.

Dante and Lulu wake up in bed together at the loft and Lulu answers Dante's phone to Lucky who is in Ireland, but lies and says he's in England looking for Luke. Lulu gives Dante the phone and Lucky tells him the truth about what he's doing. Lucky asks him to upload a file from work that will help him with the locals. Dante agrees and advises he listen more than he speak and to take down anyone who might be on to him. After they hang up, Lulu questions Dante about what Lucky wanted but Dante won't tell her.

Jax sees Carly and Josslyn at Kelly's and correctly assumes she was waiting for him. They argue about Brenda again and Jax says he'll see her at the office. Jax leaves and then Carly sees Nikolas and Brook Lynn come in. She calls Brook a traitor and leaves. Brook hopes Nikolas doesn't believe she'd double cross her as Carly suggested, but Nikolas says he does – he just won't give her the chance. Lulu walks in and rails at Nik for being with Brook. After she's gone, Nikolas and Brook discuss their arrangement and their reasons for doing it.

Carly comes to Jax's office and overhears him talk to Maxie about taking Brenda off the cover. Carly tells him she never cared that Brenda was on his magazine, she is upset Brenda is in his heart. Jax again assures her he loves her and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Dante goes to the station and, after getting into to it with Ronnie, gets a call from the headmaster at Madison.

Dante goes to the school and, along with the headmaster, questions some of the kids and Bryce, who all say Michael attacked Bryce unprovoked. Kristina defends her brother but the headmaster wants to expel him. Taylor steps up and says what really happened and that Michael was just defending himself. The other kids eventually back up the story and Michael walks away.

Kristina goes to Kelly's and sees Ethan. She tells him what happened at school and how she's worried about Michael. As he bolsters her spirits, Maya walks up and Ethan goes over to kiss her, which Kristina witnesses.

Dante brings Michael back to the loft who tells him he was backed into a corner and he learned not to let anyone trap him while in prison. Dante thinks it's time to talk about what happened to him.

Lucky goes to the bar in Ireland and, as Ronan O'Reilly, gets his usual, which is a beer. As he grabs it and walks away, a woman comes in, calls him a murderer and slaps him. Another man comes in to rail at Ronan for killing his brother and pulls a knife on him. They fight and Lucky gets the upper hand. Lucky lets the man leave and the woman asks Lucky who he is and what has he done with Ronan O'Reilly?

Next on General Hospital:

Brenda recalls the men from her past.

Dante questions Michael about prison.

Sonny admits he's using Claire as a rebound.

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