In the interrogation room, Johnny tells Claire he wants to amend his statement, while Dante urges his mother to walk away form Johnny in the squad room. Johnny tells Claire he had a gun when Sonny shot him so it was self defense on Sonny's part. He doesn’t know what happened to the gun though. Claire thinks the case will be closed with no further charges. Johnny leaves the room and goes out to tell Olivia Sonny won't be going to prison. Olivia is relieved but tells him it's because Johnny won't die not because Sonny is going free. Back inside the interrogation room, Sonny invites Claire to his home for dinner.

Dante comes home and brings Lulu flowers, which leads to some passionate kissing. As they lie on the couch together, Lulu apologizes for doubting him in regards to Sonny. She says she should have known he wouldn’t cross the line.

Claire comes to Sonny's house to find a candle lit dinner awaiting her. Claire reminds him they are on opposite sides of the law. He asks if she's wearing a wire and she wonders why he asked her over if he doesn't trust her. He's trying to figure her out. She tells him she came to town to put him in prison, but she failed and she's no longer objective enough to prosecute him. Claire gets up to leave and tells Sonny there's no need to try and seduce her anymore since she can't prosecute him. He says he can think of a reason and kisses her. She pulls away but he wants to see where they can take things. He tries to kiss her again, but she rebuffs him and leaves.

Suzanne calls Jason, who is at the penthouse, to tell him Brenda is in danger and listed him as her emergency contact. Sam's ears perk up when Jason mentions Brenda's name. Jason asks Suzanne to email him everything she has on her security and he will come to Rome. She thanks him and hangs up. Jason fills Sam in and she understands. He asks her to come with him, but she thinks he will have a lot on his plate. Sam abruptly gets up to take care of some errands, but says Brenda was smart to marry him because he is the best protector. Once Sam is gone, Jason enlists Spinelli to make his arrangements for Rome. Spinelli wants to go to Rome and help him save the Divine One (Brenda), but Jason tells him he's going alone. Spinelli is disappointed and Sam returns to overhear Spinelli point out how romantic Rome will be when he comes to rescue his ex-wife. Sam walks in and, mortified, Spinelli leaves the room. Jason reassures Sam he's only going to Rome because he has to. Sam admits she was a little bit insecure but she trusts him. Jason kisses her and leaves.

In Italy, Brenda tries to explain to Murphy why she can't marry him. She thinks he deserves more than she has to give him, but he wants to share his life with her. She doesn’t want him to settle and encourages him to find that someone who is crazy about him. Murphy realizes he can't talk her out of it, kisses her goodbye and leaves. Suzanne comes over and learns Brenda broke off her engagement with Murphy.

In Jax's office, Carly is furious Jax wants Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Uncomfortable, Maxie runs out leaving the estranged couple to argue. Jax tries to assure Carly she is his ideal woman, but Carly retorts his actions say otherwise. Jax says his feelings for Brenda are much like Carly's for Sonny, but he's not in love with her. Carly spits out putting her on the cover is the same thing.

Kate brings Coleman a gift at Jake's and they start flirting and making out. Patrick comes in for a beer as Lisa also walks in. Patrick goes to the table Lisa sits at and Coleman offers to give Kate a proper welcome home. As much as she'd like to, Kate has an emergency at work and runs out. Patrick and Lisa talk about their situation as Robin walks up enraged. Robin lashes out at both of them and walks away. Patrick tells Lisa he's done being the bad guy and there's nothing else he can do about Robin. Robin sits at another table and Steve joins her. She tells him about her and Patrick's plan and that they need his help. She wants him to help her pretend she's interested in him, but Steve is uncomfortable with that because it could make things worse. Across the way, Lisa tells Patrick she thinks Robin is trying to make him jealous with Steve. Steve offers to drive Robin home and they exit Jake's as Lisa and Patrick watch. Patrick tells Lisa maybe things are turning out for the best. Carly comes to Jake's for a beer. Coleman asks what they are drinking to and she says, "To keeping what's mine." She bemoans her issues with Brenda to Coleman and tells him she will not be sharing Sonny, Jax and Jason with her.

Once Carly has left, Kate bursts into Jax's office wondering if Maxie is right and he wants to pull the cover of Brenda for Carly's sake. Kate thinks Jax deserves better than Carly and encourages him to go after Brenda.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly makes Jax work for it.

Lulu and Carly warn Nikolas about Brook Lynn.

Michael gets into a fight at school.

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