At the construction site, Jason and Dante view the video, but don't think it's enough to clear Sonny since they can't clearly see a gun in Johnny's hand. Dante thinks there's a way to make this work, but he needs Jason's help.

Ethan comes to see Johnny at the hospital as he feebly tries to get out of bed. He's ready to go because he's tired of all the Sonny supporters coming in and out of there. Ethan suggests he just tell the truth about what happened. Once Ethan has left, Dante comes to see Johnny and shows him a photo of the shooting. He declares he has evidence he was holding a gun, but tells him if he and Sonny make peace, he'll let it go. Johnny admits he had a gun but he doesn't know what happened to it. He says if his choice is peace or prison, he'll take the truce.

In the interrogation room, Sonny and Claire argue about whether or not she will prosecute him. He wonders why she's passing up the chance to further her career and she responds she's gotten too close. She's flying to D.C. in the morning to talk with her superiors about being reassigned. Sonny wonders if she's going to another case or another city because he likes having her around. Claire isn't worried he'll be alone for long and leaves. Kristina comes to visit her father and tells him she's glad he came back because Michael needs him. Sonny promises to be the best dad he can be to all his kids and tells her he loves her. Kristina leaves and Jason tells Sonny he needs to agree to a truce with Johnny. Sonny will meet Johnny halfway because he thinks he's better than what's been going on. Jason leaves and Dante brings Johnny in so the men can hammer out a truce. Dante goes to the squad room and sees his mother who thinks Dante backed Johnny into a corner with a bogus tape. Back in the interrogation room, the men discuss things as Claire walks in wondering what's happening.

Carly takes Michael to the park and tells him Sonny is back. Michael worries he'll go to prison, but Carly tells him sometimes you have to do what's right over what's easy. Michael knows she's talking about him going to school and he notes there are worse places to go back to. He expresses his fears to his mother about reacting violently if his classmates push him too far. Carly thinks if he focuses and works hard he will come out stronger than he is now. Michael agrees to return to Madison wondering how bad a year there can be.

Michael comes to the penthouse and learns from Sam Jason is at the station. He tells her he's decided to go back to school and she thinks it's a good idea. She stands up to walk him to the door, but trips as she tries to finagle her crutches. He catches her but gets uncomfortable and walks out. Jason comes home and tells Sam about the truce between Sonny and Johnny.

Ethan finds Kristina sitting on the swings in the park and she tells him Sonny came back. She shares her feelings about her father and how she's afraid to get her hopes up with him. Ethan suggests she just be open to the possibilities because life could surprise her. He wants her to stop worrying about what everyone thinks and just do what feels right. She wonders how he got to be so smart. He responds he's not, but admits she brings out the best in him. Ethan leaves and Michael finds his sister, who tells him about her conversation with Ethan.

In his office, Jax tells Maxie he wants Kate to make space for Brenda on the cover of Crimson for the next issue. Maxie leaves and Carly comes in to tell Jax Sonny is back. She hopes now that Sonny is ready to face his problems, Michael might be ready to do the same. She tells him Michael is going back to school and Jax is happy to hear it. They move on to talking about their romp the other night. He seductively tells her he loves her dress, but it would look better on the floor and starts to kiss her neck. After some fooling around, Maxie comes to the door to tell Jax Kate is onboard with his idea, but needs his approval on shots. Carly tells her to come in and asks to see the proofs. She opens the folder to see a photo of Brenda.

After Brenda is grabbed at her appearance in Italy, the men take her out past the paparazzi. The goons get distracted by the flashbulbs and she makes a break for it.

Brenda returns to her place with Suzanne, who reminds her she needs to leave Rome. Brenda won't budge, but Suzanne reminds her it's not just about her anymore since she is engaged to Murphy now. Brenda agrees to stick by her guards, but she doesn’t want Suzanne to call Murphy. Suzanne glances at Brenda's address book as she agrees not to call him. She leaves and Murphy comes to see his fiancée. He tells Brenda he found out about the attack from his publicist. He wants her to leave with him to London, but she can't go. She tells him she can't marry him because of her unresolved feelings.

Suzanne calls Jason from Italy after she finds his name as an emergency contact.

Next on General Hospital:

Kate gives Jax some encouragement.

Jason heads to Rome.

Johnny changes his statement.

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